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    Thanks for the update.

    Please add the plugin prefix (currently "[TM] ") to language.yml. (I prefer "[TangledMaze] ".)
  2. Absolutely love this plugin! We've been looking to try and automate the random generation of mazes to integrate into existing dungeons and minigames. Would you have the time to create an API to use for integration with other plugins?
  3. Hello, very good plugin that works perfectly :)
    I use it on 1.12.2 Spigot server and I have a question about maze's walls height.

    Is it possible to get the walls more than 2 blocks high ?

    Thank you very much :)

  4. SlimeDog

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    As shown on the Overview page, under Commands:
    • /tm wallheight <integer> – sets the wall height of your maze (max. 100)
  5. Thanks very much ! I understood that this command sets the maximum height but not the wall height :)

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    Maximum wall height is set in config.yml.
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  8. =======================
    Good Plugin, Congratulations
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  9. I wanted a hedge maze like in your examples, but when I tried oak_leaves, they quickly evaporated because they aren't marked as player-placed and there are no log blocks anchoring them. How did you get around this problem for your pictures? Can I specify oak leaves another way to prevent them from vanishing?
  10. Hello @Big_Scary,
    I am aware of this problem. In the newer versions of Minecraft the decayable state of leaves is not defined with the ID anymore, also e.g. he way of crearing rotated blocks is much different now.
    So far I didn't have any idea how to make this new block data available in the /build command. But I could offer to make a small workaround so that at least leaves can stay properly.

    I'll see what I can do
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  11. SlimeDog

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    Hey Big_Scary!
    There is a slow method, of course, with WorldEdit:
    • Construct the maze of oak_log (or any block on which leaves will remain stable)
    • Select the maze
    • //copy
    • Without moving from the copy location, dig one block down and drop into the hole
    • //paste -a = floor on which the leaves can sit
    • Jump up and fill the hole
    • //replace oak_log oak_leaves
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    Download 1.3.1 link, but
    plugin.yml reports version: 1.3
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    Well, I admit that I was hoping for a different resolution.

    After changing the Version History list, there are now three 1.3.0 releases. This complicates issue tracking and support -- which 1.3.0 do I have?

    Please change at least one component of the version string with every release. Any change, no matter how small, merits a new version. We aren't going to run out of integers any time soon.
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