Spigot Tangled Maze | Maze Generator [1.13+] 1.4.2

THE maze generator

  1. Everything works great until I try to use the build command...

    I get a message from TM saying "Building your Maze" and the outline for the floor plan disappears, but then nothing else happens...
  2. What spigot version is your server running on and which version of TangledMaze are you using?
  3. Running version 1.15.2 and TM version 1.4.2
  4. Very good plugin, but here is a suggestion:

    Once a maze has been created, a command to show the path that leads from one exit to the other... maybe colored blocks showing the path through the maze? This way, if a maze has generated with a too easy solution, it can be regenerated to find one that offers a good enough challenge.
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  5. I'm currently not planning any updates for Tangled Maze. It's just not fitting with the other stuff I am busy with right now. But thanks for the suggestions anyway.
  6. can you build a maze entirely from console? I would like to make a minigame solely based on this maze plugin
  7. The premium version TangledMaze+ has the feature to deconstruct and rebuild a maze entirely from console, if that is what you are looking for.
  8. I want it to be more flexible in customizing walls. For example, create trees at the top of the wall for decoration.

    (The main function of this plug-in is perfect. But I still hope to add some details, you can put this kind of function into the advanced version.)
  9. Hope to be able to generate no dead end maze
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  10. @_AntiThesis1250 I’m currently not making any updates for Tangled Maze. There are other projects that are more interesting to me right now.
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