Spigot TapL Creeper Explode Skript 1.2.1

Creeper explode = Your health x2

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    TapL Creeper Explode Skript - Creeper explode = Your health x2

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  2. hey im having trouble understanding what to do to download the skript can you help me understand it better
  3. Skript is a plugin that converts text to java, at "requirements" you see what plugins you need. If you have installed those plugins you need to put the download in the skripts folder. If this doesnt work contact me on discord RazerStorm#4199
  4. For some reason, the maximum the health will go is 1025, How do I fix this?
  5. It will say the max is 1024 but it goes further but doesnt show it, you are getting more health but you can't see it.
  6. Oh ok. Thank you for the information.
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    Commands recoded / new features

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  8. pls say how to download pls thunderstorm pls i play in aternos cracked version
  9. Can you use the commands on a target, like another player?
  10. What do you mean by that?

    Like the resethealth & defaulthealth command?
  11. Yes, I am going to run a multiplayer server and I want all the players to start with 1 heart, but I don't know if you can use the commands on a target other than yourself.
  12. Its not possible right now, if you want i will make it a feature?
  13. If it is not to much of a problem to do, that would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I dont think its hard, (not sure) but i will try my best :).
  15. Updated, please contact me if its not working or if you find buggs. :D
  16. guys pls help i also want to play plssssss i love this script i wanna play this i triyed in server pro but its showing this

    [ERROR] [Skript] undefined option {@toggle} (tapl-creeperhearths (1).sk, line 4: if {@toggle} is on:')

    [ERROR] [Skript] undefined option {@permission-error} (tapl-creeperhearths (1).sk, line 12: send {@permission-error}')

    [ERROR] [Skript] undefined option {@permission-error} (tapl-creeperhearths (1).sk, line 20: send {@permission-error}')

    [ERROR] [Skript] undefined option {@permission-error} (tapl-creeperhearths (1).sk, line 30: send {@permission-error}')

    [ERROR] [Skript] undefined option {@permission-error} (tapl-creeperhearths (1).sk, line 47: send {@permission-error}')

    [ERROR] [Skript] undefined option {@permission-error} (tapl-creeperhearths (1).sk, line 65: send {@permission-error}')

    [ERROR] [Skript] undefined option {@permission-error} (tapl-creeperhearths (1).sk, line 82: send {@permission-error}')

    [ERROR] [Skript] undefined option {@toggle} (tapl-creeperhearths (1).sk, line 85: else if {@toggle} is off:')

    [ERROR] [Skript] undefined option {@off-message} (tapl-creeperhearths (1).sk, line 86: send {@off-message}')

    [ERROR] [Skript] undefined option {@toggle} (tapl-creeperhearths (1).sk, line 93: if {@toggle} is on:')

    [ERROR] [Skript] undefined option {@toggle} (tapl-creeperhearths (1).sk, line 99: else if {@toggle} is off:')
  17. bro help me
  18. when i do /creeperexplode healthreset
    it doesnt do anything pls help