Resource TaskChain - Proper Async Operations and more!

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    yes, but you don't need to do it right away.
  2. you can first focus on writing new code that uses java8 features, then as you maintain old code, update it to use j8 where it makes sense to improve the readability and reliability of the code.
  3. TaskChain now has sources and javadocs deployed, as well as hosted javadocs at

    Deployed 3.4.3 to contain the extra data (no API or bugfixes from 3.4.2, just the metadata attachment)
  4. While you're updating those plugins to 1.11, give TC a try to improve some code!

    Also, if you don't mind, help spread awareness of TC by adding to your signature:

    Code (Text):
    [url=]TaskChain for Plugin Developers[/url] - Improve your plugins asynchronous logic!
    TaskChain for Plugin Developers - Improve your plugins asynchronous logic!
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  5. just an update, I'll get back to TC once I'm done with 1.11 (though the next upcoming features aren't ground breaking though)
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  6. There is nothing to improve. The real issue lies in the converter between Java and Kotlin. The converted code is not equivalent to the Java code. This is a bug in the converter, not a flaw in the type system. See my response to the issue.
  7. Hmm I guess that makes sense.
  8. This looks like what I badly needed for my project as I was doing mysql queries on the main thread. Thanks!
  9. It is in the README:

    Currently Supported
  10. shhh im blind
    it isn't in the readme
  11. thanks for the helpful tool.
  12. Awesome resource, allows you to make async database queries in a very easy and simple way.
  13. Maybe I'm going crazy, but didn't you post something like "First 2017 bump for TaskChain!" or something like that in this thread?

    I even remember giving you a "Creative" reaction for that post...
  14. I think you may be crazy ;) jk. I remove old bumps to keep the thread clean.
  15. bump for developers!
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  16. @Rocoty Since we have the same goals but different languages, up for link exchange on repo readme's?
    I've added it to TaskChain,

    Cause yeah I surely couldn't recommend someone using TC over Skedule for Kotlin, and would be good for people who find Skedule that don't use Kotlin to know they still have an option.
  17. Good idea. I like this. I have added a link to TaskChain in Skedule's readme:
    Tell me if you want me to add something more specific about TaskChain :)
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