Resource TaskChain - Proper Async Operations and more!

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Aikar, Oct 30, 2016.

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    well, you still use cpu so it could affect your server if your cpu is maxed out, but normally it really shouldn't matter. just because whatever you use to display tps once in a while displays 19.98 doesn't mean that you should have to worry ^^, could be rounding issues or just one intensive tick (player teleported and caused sync chunk load for example)
  2. Random hiccups happen, so 19.98 is perfectly normal for any server.

    Sure, - this is my personal company, makes it easier for me to track extra income to pay the taxes on it. (donation's are only tax-free if it's to a non profit company :p)
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    Yeah I figured as much but thought I would ask anyway since I only noticed the drop immediately following the quit event (and as an extension was then thinking what would happen if a bunch of people leave at the same time). :p
    I know such a small drop is nothing to really worry about - my OCD more or less wanted to know. Thanks again!
    Thanks, sir.
  4. @Aikar Does this work for bungeecord plugins as well?
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    Bungeecord doesn't have the concept of a main thread, so taskchain is pretty much irrelevant for it
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  6. Been a while, still very useful to use, so bump!
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