Spigot TC Camera Control 1.0

Loopings like a boss

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    TC Camera Control - Loopings like a boss

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  2. 800 KB and such a short description?
  3. Could you also do this for 1.8?
  4. Yeah, not a big plugin nor much to say about it.
  5. Im sad to say this is not possible,

    It uses a bug in the 1.11 client :/
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  6. You call 800KB small?
  7. I was talking about functionallity.

    It is all on github if ya wanna take a look.

    This is a small "project" so i dont care that much
  8. How about 1.12(.2)?
  9. Which direction is Pitch and which direction is Yaw?
  10. Pitch is pitch and yaw is yaw..

    welcome to the world..

    pitch is vertical
    yaw is horizontal
  11. any plans on updating this plugin to the newest traincarts? this is a wonderful plugin and i've been using your plugins for years.
  12. Not really useful since the recent tcc builds have a system like this build in, so its best to consider this resource dead
  13. that's unfortunate, my server would use this plugin as a way to force people to look at a certain thing or direction. was very useful. : (
  14. What exactly needs to be updated? If you have a fair usecase then i dont want to hold you back