Spigot TE-BlastEnchant 3.1.0

Slam the ground and blast off players and hostile mobs around you.

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    TE-BlastEnchant - Slam the ground and bless off players and hostile mobs around you.

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  2. how does this work? I cannot seem to activate the enchantment, I tried to attack a mob, jump down on one, and hit the use (block) key on my sword, also would it be possible to add particle effects to the knockback? either explosion animation expanding away or "block break particles" like when you fall from high up.

  3. you just need to hit the block with the blast enchanted tool. then the surrounding living entity (players and hostile mobs) will be blasted off.
  4. Dont work all i change is not allowed and enchant is Blast but i think use some other but i cant see tutorial for SHIFT and right click and only soun are here nothing other work.

    Blast Enchant not work it seems that it hinders the operation of one another Enchant
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  5. @vk2gpz This plugin doesn't seem to work on 1.10. I'm using the default configuration and shift+right-click with a Blast 10 axe does the explosion sound, but does not knock any players away.
  6. Ops are not affected by this enchant, please fix.
  7. ?? why opts should be affected.
  8. Is there a way to disable this enchant in certain places, such as faction warzones, or worldguard regions? Blasting works on NPCs as well (Citizens).
  9. all CE can have invalid_world, invalid_region options.
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  10. Can you release an update that'd make the shift right click system enable able or disable able?