Spigot TE-ExpelliarmusEnchant 4.0.0

Custom Expelliarmus Enchantment for TokenEnchant

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    TE-ExpelliarmusEnchant - Custom Expelliarmus Enchantment for TokenEnchant

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  2. can't you just make all the enchants into one plugin? like do you really want top resource developer or something xD?
  3. many enchants were originally included in TokenEnchant. However, due to many request, they were taken out and distributed separately. Since not all enchants are needed, many users requested the option of they can chose and install individual enchant.

    For those who ordered a set of custom enchants, they were delivered in the form of one .jar file.

    There is no value in most resource listing (the number showing is even less than 1/3 of plugin projects have been done...)
  4. ah right

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