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    TE-SoulBoundEnchant - Custom Soul Bound Enchantment to retain your item when you die! (for TokenEnchant)

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  2. Wait, so you won't add new features to Token Enchantments for those people who already bought the premium plugin, but we have to pay AGAIN for new features that are made for our existing plugin??? Only the people who bought Token Enchantments can use this plugin, so you're directly targeting us, the people who bought your plugin and supporting you, you're forcing us to pay more money for 1 single extra enchantment´╝čAre you planning to update the actual Token Enchantment plugin from now on or are you gonna be greedy and throw out a bunch of DLC's?
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    I'm all about you charging $1 for add-ons, because I know it's not just a walk in the park to configure something like this to be plug an play.

    I AM a little distraught about 1 enchant costing 25% of the total cost of your parent plugin....
    Token Enchant is already one of the highest cost on the premium market...

    Plz make this package free or at least $1 and I'll grab it in a heartbeat.:)
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  5. Celebrimbor


    Could you at least give someone who helped pay your bills a response? Even if it's "absolutely not".

    I'm not about giving out bad reviews on great resources and won't, but ignoring someone asking non-threatening questions just sucks after I gave you money.
  6. did you place TE-SoulBoundEnchant.jar in TokenEnchantj/enchants folder?
  7. I don't quite get what you mean by "I gave you money"?? It sounds like you already paid me for this plugin but I haven't given you the plugin...
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  9. can i see the config.yml? also did you see something like "TE-ThrowEnchant registered" in the console log?
  10. Celebrimbor


    In reference to charging for a minor add-on to another resource.

    I was only inquiring about you maybe decreasing the price from $3 to $1. Seemed a little steep for 1 Enchantment to be 25% the cost of the parent resource that has dozens of enchantments.

    You are free to charge $100 if you want. You do great work! Call trying to argue a price is all. By no means calling you out for being a bad author that publishes crap for too much $$. NOT AT ALL!
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  12. ah, you need to add:
    Code (Text):
          price: 10
          max: 4
          occurrence: always
          #this option allow the enchantment level to automatically decrease upon death
          decrement_chance: 1.0
          # if this flag is set to "true", soul-bounded item will have its soul attached to it, and only the lawful owner can pick it up.
          no_pickup: true
    under "Potions:" section in your config.yml

    also, don't forget to add "- SoulBound" under each item you wish to enchant.
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  13. I believe you're confused with your other plugin, "TE-ThrowEnchant". You need to add "- SoulBound" under each item you wish to enchant, very helpful nonetheless.
  14. ah ;P
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  15. Celebrimbor


    Massive Bugs! Including dupe.

    Players with 1 SoulBound item retain ALL items that could have SB if it's in their inventory. As a result, players can die, retain the Sb gear, the non-SB gear with drop(be picked up by someone).

    Then that player spawns with non-SB the gear, therefore duplicating the gear.

    Please fix soon! Ruins my server by having SB enabled!!

    Thank you!
  16. ??? I cannot replicate this... I'm testing it on the test server and I cannot see this happen.

    Do you have video recording or series of screenshots to show this?
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  17. Celebrimbor


    I will get those today. It did have major incompatibility issues with my death chest plugin(Savage DeathChest) I was running. My death chest just wasn't working after installing SoulBound, regardless if someone had soulbound items in their inventory or not(no console errors). I removed SDC for a few reasons, SB just just the straw that broke the camel's back. Just reporting the incompatibility for your information.

    I suppose the above mentioned issues could have stemmed from my deathchest still being installed at the time of the dupes occurring...Didn't think of it at the time. Now that it's uninstalled, I will test and get back to you with my findings.
  18. Celebrimbor


    Ok, was able to test with one of my Mods (I'm at work, thus the inability to test myself).
    Still had the issue after DeathChest was removed from server.
    Every item that could contain SB were all saved upon respawn and items(non-SB) also dropped on ground(dupe). No issue with items that actually had the SB enchant as they don't drop.

    ONLY other plug that could mess with drops is "PlayerHeads".

    Forgot that I had this set to true in it's config even after removing Savage DeathChest:
    antideathchest false Do not allow other plugins to fiddle with dropping player heads, makes certain they drop on the ground

    Would this undoubtedly screw with SoulBound??
    If no, then I still have the dupe issue. Here are my plugs to reassure that I don't have any other inventory plugs.

    (28): PlayerHeads, JustAFK, ColoredSigns, Minigames, TokenEnchant, Homespawn, Trading, ZMessages, DisableTopOfNether, RecipesGUI, Votifier, FarmLimiter, CustomJoin, MaxBans, Shopkeepers, EchoPet, AntiBuild, mcMMO, Vault, GAListener, GriefPrevention, bPermissions, boosCooldowns, SimpleRename, BannerMaker, SimpleVirtualWorkBench, SimplePrefix, ServerSigns

    Running most recent Token Enchant but don't have new config associated with newer versions.
    My Config:
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    I know that my bug is still occurring, but did I misunderstand the plugin??

    Was a player's inventory supposed to be saved as long as there is a SB item in inv at death?
    Or is each individual item with SB saved?
  20. can you give me your server address? I would like to see the problem.