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    TE-UniversalEnchant - Custom Enchant that automatically switch Tool item Type! (for TokenEnchant)

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  2. This should be free. 8.8kb is called LOW EFFORT.
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  3. Today the major premium resources are less of 10 KB.
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    Hey, go make your own if it's low effort.
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  6. Spigot is turning into McMarket lol

    So what exactly does this plugin do? I know it switches to the best tool for the job but how does it connect to token enchant?
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    I didn't purchase(yet), but it really does just come down to DLC for a parent resource. It connects to TokenEnchant's API to be synchronized with all other TE enchantments and token system.

    The author also released "MorphTool", which is the same thing without the TokenEnchant dependency.
  8. @vk2gpz @vk2gpz

    cant seem to get Universal working i added "Universal" to FISHING_ROD and added it under
    potions and set it to "always" and add the lore "Universal 1" and its still wont work/switch?

    i really hope we dont need "block-break" as i cannot give that to regions.
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  9. is it possible to only show the enchants for the current tool?

    example if you're using a Diamond pick you will only have the following things

    unbreaking 3
    fortune 3
    efficiency 5
    haste 2
    smelt 1

    and not

    sharness 5
    fireaspect 2
    looting 3
    unbreaking 3
    fortune 3
    efficiency 5
    haste 2
    smelt 1

    also can you add snow from snowman to change into a spade it turns into a pick? o_O
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    How do players change it back to the item? For instance, they enchanted diamond pickaxe with it, and when they mine it changes to wood?