Spigot TeamBattle v1.1

A Team pvp Plugin where you can fight with People | Also available Kits,Arenas,Parties,Effects etc.

  1. So you just made this free? What about the people who have paid already?
  2. Read at the Overview page at "News" for more Information
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  3. For all People who bought TeamBattle,
    look at the Overview Page at "News" for more information !!!!!
  4. good plugin, keep working on it
  5. I'll do
  6. Could you make it so a kit gets a certain potion effect in the config? <3
    could you make it so you can do something like '/tb kit <kit> default' to set the default kit?
    Thanks! Other than that your plugin is amazing!
  7. You can also add certain potion effects.

    Yes i add a default option
  8. how? <3

    and thanks <3
  9. can you make it so all people that join the game are just normal players not creators and people with a certain permission can do all the things a creator can do now? <3
  10. Put in your inventory potion effects then,
    /tb kit <name> set inventory

    I dont know what you mean, there is only 1 creator/master of a session,
    Maybe i add a moderator permission or something.
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  11. i didnt mean give them a potion i meant give them a potion effect

  12. Ahh yes but there are the Global Effects...
  13. is there a map for download?i have try to find,bu no one
  14. I dont know :/
    And btw i am not a Builder :D
  15. could you tell me how to get this please for each kit
  16. Add me on Skype: support.mert1602
  17. done :p
  18. Hi somehow me op player and simple player stuck in a arena gamemode.. i mean there is 2 bars of hearts and u cant place any blocks, tried to remove your plugin it doest not help, i totaly cant find a solution!
  19. Hope to hear something form you, after removing plugin me and other player still stuck in i dont know.. arena mode but we not in arena... or something... we have double hearts and speed... no old inventory ... what to do?? Im just fucked up, it break my server please help :)