Spigot TeamBattle v1.1

A Team pvp Plugin where you can fight with People | Also available Kits,Arenas,Parties,Effects etc.

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    Seems like the problem is at world/playerdata files, i have opened broken users file, here is those wrong settings, why ur plugin somehow randomly not rolbacked mine and other users data files? when i removed my file so i spawned as new person and everything is ok ... just lost all items in inventory and in enderchest. So im thinking how to rollback everything with no lost ?????
  2. Hi add me on skype: support.mert1602
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  3. Is there a max arena size cap? TeamBattle will only let me set a region if it is smaller than what I want. If there is a max cap, Could you make it optional?
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  5. Is there a permission so only vips or other players can edit the settings?
  6. Is there a way that i can get an item off the settings(apple item)?
  7. Currently, there is a limit: 2000000 but i add a config option.
  8. There is a problem with your WorldEdit version not TeamBattle..
    [WorldEdit] Could not dispatch event: [email protected] to handler EventHandler{priority=NORMAL}
    I use this version:
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  9. There is a "/tb create" Permission, you can give it to Vip players, then only VIP players can create and change settings.
  10. You can change the item config line to 'null' then none item will come.
    Item: type=APPLE;data=0;amount=1;durability=0;displayname=&2GameSettings;lore=null;
    Item: 'null'
  11. I've added a option.
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    yes i have that version . still no go , i also have your latest version . i still get the same error . no matter . will you release a update without worldedit hooked i wouldn't want that anyway. thank you for looking into the problem i didn't think it was your game. or give me a option in the config file to set to false for worldedit hook .
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  13. But TeamBattle need WorldEdit because Map/Arena Reset.
    Contact my on Skype: "support.mert1602" we can handle it on Skype..
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    Understand, I don't have Skype sry . I'm thinking one of my other plugins is the culprit.
  15. ummm can you add opcional end objetive ?
    like destroy a block if the other team destroy the block all the team lose
    like nexus or bed wars
    so if i have the opcional objetive the team re-spawn if this objetive is not dead ?
    will be epic
  16. Please help. Great plugin and everything. In my plugins folder I have the worldguard 6.1, the latest version came out. I walk perfectly (the plugin WorldGuard) to add the plugin TeamBattle this fails, that completely disables the WorldGuard. Not if the product is mine because I just added your plugin that produces this error. Please help me fix this or how to fix it. Sorry for my bad English. Thank You.
  17. Sry but, TeamBattle dont use WorldGuard only WorldEdit
  18. Mind me asking why you took teambattle off premium?