Teaming up to create new open-source replacement of CrackShot?

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What do you think about it?

  1. I want to see it

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  2. No, CrackShot is working fine

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  3. I don't want to recreate my gun pack

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  1. I just wonder if anyone want to team up to create open source replacement of crackshot

    Or any server admunistrator interest to see it
  2. I know @avighnash had started a project like this
  3. what is a crackshot
  4. Well... Anyone want to team with me?
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  5. Can we get your portfolio first? Also, anything in it for us? Will this be a 50/50 work split?
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  6. What do you mean "anything in it for us?"

    Sorry for my English, I'm in Thailand
  7. Do we get any payment or anything?
  8. Well... You don't want to publish it for free?
  9. Honestly we need this to exist. I would have loved to help on this, but I won't be able to find the time if I tried.
    It's a free open source plugin for the community.

    Also, if the author of crackshot is active, can someone contact him and ask him for the source so that could be used as a base for expansion.
  10. Funny, I was actually thinking about making a weapons API the other day. I would be interested in it

    I've posted on both his github and his bukkit page asking, and no response. Unfortunately Crackshot is a ticking time bomb, who knows when it might no longer work.
  11. Choco


    I would be more than happy to make contributions to an open sourced project if someone wants to start one. I wouldn't really be willing to join a team or anything along the lines of that, but I would make occasional pull requests. I don't see why not. It would be rather fun as I've always wanted to make something similar to Crackshot, but never had any motivation to actually start a project
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  12. This'd definitely be cool if it was open source.
    The possibilities would be endless.
    There were loads of things which I wish were in the original crackshot which I would've loved to have had, but there would be no way I'm forking out for things from the premium version.
    Things such as particle beams, I like the different types of ammos but for things such as the energy one, you can't see it at all, so having a particle trail would be pretty cool especially for futuristic weapons.
    Also simple things such as having a scope on a sniper, it's pretty cool and not really a premium feature.
  13. How about adding Crackshot+ features to the open source project.
    I looked into crackshot one time and it's written not very good. Want to see this project evolving.
    Will review code if needed.
  14. Yes yes I'm resurrecting a couple month-old thread, but I looked at the crackshot code (again) to determine some sort of plugin conflict, and yuck. I thought GP made me stress out when staring at its code, but this... is a whole new level...

    The only other gun plugin I know of is SwornGuns. Last time I tried it I wasn't too thrilled how it relied on different items vs. lore, but I didn't give it much time. I'll play with it again... and this one is open source, so it might be worth contributing to this instead. (It's also made by dmulloy2, the protocollib guy!)

    And I just gave it another try - yea, it relies on items (It will actually set the lore on the items once equipped/received) instead of lore like crackshot. Seems more like it's exclusively for a minigame-esque server. Oh well.

    Depending on how much time I have and/or how frustrated I am with Crackshot, I'll probably eventually start making my own clone of it if nobody else works on this (if so, keep an eye on the organization)

    Update: 1 and a half years later I finally found a replacement that's been around for 1 and a half years, lol
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  15. ssamjh


    Interested in the development of this thread.
  16. Bumping this. Im willing to start an open source alternative to crackshot. I've never taken on a project of such size before, but I confidence with some help that it could be pulled off. Crackshot is growing more and more unusable each update so might as well start now

    I imagine a plugin which relies on configuring skills and mechanics for each gun, similar to how Mythicmobs/artifacts works. This would allow a lot more customization than currently allowed by both crackshot and crackshotplus.

    If anyone is interested in this joint effort, let me know.
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  17. Choco


    Still down for this. I'm standing by my earlier statement. Honestly, just waiting on someone to create a repository I can PR to
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  18. I hope to have an initial commit on my github this weekend, as well as a plan laid out for how the plugin will work.
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  19. Well Im a little late with the initial commit, but here it is. I've named it WeaponsAPI, and I already created some example configs which I plan to use as a guide to building the plugin and how it will work. I also included some of the features I plan for this plugin to have and how they will work on the Github page for it, as well as the example configs which will kinda show how it would work.

    WeaponsAPI will be like a combination of CrackShot, CrackShotPlus, and MythicArtifacts. The main feature is the planned 'Loadout' system, which will allow players to switch between different attachments, ammo types, etc, by selecting some icons from the hotbar after pressing the F key. It will be many many times more customizable than both CrackShot and CrackShotPlus.

    I plan on working on the project on the weekends,since that when I have free time. Feel free to collaborate with me on this project, and any help or guidance with coding or setting up this project is appreciated, since this will probably be the biggest Java project I've ever done.
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