Spigot TeamSpeak [Discontinued] 1.1

Basic plugin to provide users with your teamspeak IP with one command

  1. BananaMan submitted a new resource:

    TeamSpeak - Basic plugin to provide users with your teamspeak IP with one command

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  2. This is not even worthy of use because anyone can make this. All you have to do is assign a command to an action
  3. I'm buying that ts ip for you as a gift.
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  4. I hate to break it to you but I honestly don't give two shits if you use it or not. I don't know what level you can read at, but I'm assuming it's not very high. Here, let me quote from the front page of the plugin for you.

    Also, don't go talking shit when you don't have a single public resource out there. You really can't talk.
  5. Yeah, it is extremely basic. In my opinion you should make it worth downloading by adding some other features, like displaying IP randomly in the MoTD
  6. Really mature. I am working on a resource currently so please don't bring that in. It's too basic. Add more. THIS IS A SUGGESTION
  7. It's purpose is to be basic. Your suggestion is like me suggesting to an ice cream truck driver that he opens up a full restaurant. I'm not looking to make a project out of this, I only made it for the convenience of small server owners.
  8. Whatever just trying to help. Chill
  9. Well your first post rubbed me the wrong way so I retaliated accordingly. Glad to know you were just making a friendly suggestion.
  10. Im really hoping you take this further into a project. Maybe have a list of people in the teamspeak?
  11. I would but I've been caught up in a large project I've been working on lately. Trying to figure out other add-ons to make and features that would be nice for it. I literally wrote this is 5 minutes because I went on a new server that didn't have their ts ip anywhere and it pissed me off.
  12. Thats a brilliant idea!
    I will do this if author of the topic won't ;)
    Well... I'm also quite busy
  13. I won't :)
  14. Well, you should. The plugin would be something more than now. Much more.
  15. I've already listed my reasons for not expanding this plugin. Read prior posts on this thread.
  16. I would take over this and improve it but I only know how to make mods not plugins :(
  17. If you have a proficient java understanding, just look through the spigot API. It's very easy.