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  1. Hello, currently me and some teamspeak staff are looking into moving from potato quality enjin teamspeak hosting to something good at where we can have our own control panel, something that we can control, has less issues where we can't break anything with the main website settings.

    Does anybody recommend any vps machines to use or any shared hosting to stop our potato quality hosting?

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    A good company to go with is They are cheap and also reliable, and their control panel is decent.
    You could also result to running your TeamSpeak server on your dedicated server or VPS, if you have one.
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    Do you need a control panel? 99% of options can be changed inside your Teamspeak 3 client on your desktop. If you have a VPS you can just setup the TS3 server from the source and start it, and it's ready to go with a 32 slot free license. @Chillz
  4. It would be preferred @MikeA since the ts mods will need something that we can control + that we have full control over the machine we're using.
  5. I've never "controlled" any ts from other than the client itself... permissions, permissions, permissions.
  6. No, like control externally so we can start, stop, reboot etc.

    We think we should use a vps, doesn't anybody have any suggestions for it?
  7. Im curious, how often do you have to restart/stop your TS ?
  8. too tired to setup sharex, but
    Version: on Windows
    License:Licensed hosting provider
    Uptime:5 months 2 days 20 hours 23 minutes 45 seconds
  9. I've restarted my TS maybe once, maybe twice, in 2 years... if i have to, it only takes 10sek with ssh.