TeamViewer Hacked

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    I don't take responsibility if this is merely a coincidence. Many users have confirmed this, even those with extremely good and frequently-changed passwords.
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  2. Yeah I saw this on planetminecraft too
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    What's the big deal about it though? I don't use TeamViewer, so maybe I'm not understanding right, but do people really leave their TeamViewer client running in the background or something? Or is this just the accounts, and nothing can actually be accessed?
  4. A lot of people leave Team Viewer on in the background.
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    Most people leave it running. Everything can be accessed and people have had their bank accounts robbed and so on.
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    Oh hi there.
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  7. Thanks for sharing
  8. Best option to gain access to your machine remotely is KVM IPMI or just KVM
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    I use remote access software (including TeamViewer) but I never leave it running out of paranoia - good thing too, due to occurrences such as the one mentioned by OP.

    It never hurts to be cautious.
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  10. Should have seen it coming :p
  11. It should be noted that TeamViewer denies that this breach ever happened/ is happening, which either makes it significantly better, but more likely significantly worse.

    In the latter case, this means TeamViewer either refuses to take responsibility for their breach or they may not believe it is even happening.
  12. Exactly, point said. I just use skype if I want to share my screen...
  13. Or use :p
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    oh because the quality is so good on skype.
    +1 or
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  15. doesn't work on linux.. Good thing I didn't leave Team viewer running in the background since I always logout. Right when I got home I deleted TeamViewer. Is there any good alternatives for linux?
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    try it only uses your browser so it should work.
  17. Thanks so much ^-^
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    google our lord and savior
  19. Then those who were hacked are retards. Obviously there is a lot to blame on TeamViewer itself, but who would leave running a remote-access application?
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    well, maybe you want to access it from remote? the app is meant to be run in the background while you are not at your pc...
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