Technical limits of bungeecord.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am creating a server management system using bungeecord and I want it to be usable with thousands of players and hundreds of servers.
    To accomplish that, I can't rely on just one Bungeecord server so I will be using nginx to loadbalance between multiple bungeecords.

    But to determine how many proxies I need, I want to know the limits of bungeecord. How many players can one proxy hold and how many servers can a proxy hold?
    And with "can it hold" I mean beeing able to handle them with no lag.

    Do you have any numbers for me?
  2. I hope you're using a fork and not solely bungeecord and I'd say 600-750 players per instance its more than you'd think.
  3. We do as little as possible on BungeeCord. We pretty much only have one plugin that asks our backend if a player is allowed to join and can forward chat messages to players. We are using a pretty popular fork of BungeeCord, but this shouldn't make a huge difference. With this setup our instances can handle up to ~450 players without any issues. With more than 500 there are some significant lag spikes. Depends on your CPU and how much CPU time is available too of course.
  4. Hi there is a plugin for that
    How many bungeecords do you want to have?
    If you allow me to give advice I recommend having the least amount of plugins needed in the bungeecord
    and a minimum of 4GB of ram per bungeecord I also recommend this security measure for future attacks that you will have on your network
    prevention is better than regret⭐.59866/
    this plugin is really amazing
    has its own version of patched Bungeecord Waterfall prevents all crash old and recent attacks
    It also has a plugin for each individual spigot server. I really recommend it.
    and referring to the maximum capacity that the bungeecord can withstand I think that everything depends on the ram plugins and the server CPU could you try with some website to send you bot attacks and do stress tests