Spigot Telegram bridge 0.18

connect telegram group(s) with in-game chat

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    Telegram bridge - telegram chat bridge tg

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  2. tried this plugin but coulnt get it to work.
  3. I don't know what should I write in "chats:". Could you help
  4. Yes, sorry, didn't open discussion tab for a time. Here are steps:
    1. Create telegram bot through BotFather. Then get your token for bot.
    2. Add bot to one or more chats you want to use with plugin.
    3. Run server (and tgbridge plugin with it)
    4. In each chart, run /chat_id command. The bot will respond, which chat id you must paste into config.yml file.
    P.S. This requires you to use latest plugin version
    P.P.S. Gonna make this tutorial in plugin readme alwo
  5. Hello there,
    I was wondering... Only the ones that are OP on my server are able to see the messages from telegram. Is there a way to make every one see what I writte in Telegram ? Even non OP players ?

    Thank you ^^