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  1. can you tell me what message's prefix doesnt change ?
  2. try the new version
  3. can you please add a way to disable the warp?
  4. you can disable it lel at config.yml
  5. the /warp system? like /setwarp ect? the command i want to use essentials warp for warping
  6. Could you please add a feature where there is a delay for teleporting only when hostile mobs are around?
  7. I enabled disable warps but now /warp doesnt work for essentials can you help me?
  8. I just updated to version 2.5, and it looks like there may be a bug. I have disabled warp: in the config.yml set to false and yet none of my warps work now. No error message and no command doesn't exist messages appear so my best guess is warps got disabled despite the config. Changing it to true and back to false didn't do anything either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. As i said before i already reported this but no reply
  10. Is this something you could add in?
  11. if want make it works, i must make the command without write it in plugin.yml
    but, if i use the method, essentials plugin always replace the command.
    rip english sorry :|
  12. i added it man
  13. Is this possible to implement?