Spigot Teleport Bow 1.0

Shoot an arrow to your destination!

  1. Zainmz submitted a new resource:

    Teleport Bow - Shoot an arrow to your destination!

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  2. Could you add functions for crafting teleporting arrows to be able to shoot a normal bow, but in survival mode ?
  3. Sure the idea is good , Ill give it a try!
  4. Hello! Amazing plugin and thanks for your work, I made sure to give a good review!

    I have some bugs to report:
    1. Doing "/tpbow give" without any player entered will result in an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
    2. You should add the hide enchantments tag when you give the bow
    3. Using the teleport bow will result in the yaw of the player being opposite of where they were facing, you can correct this by adding 180 degrees to the teleport destination

    Consider open sourcing on GitHub, I'm sure many would like to contribute ;)