Teleportation lag falling through ground (w/Example video)

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  1. Hello, thank you for clicking I'll be brief!

    Currently, on my server, there is an issue where the majority of clients (I'd say around 80% currently) are falling through the world (client-side) and not able to do anything for a good 10 seconds. These seconds of falling through the world seem to vary depending on the player count at the time and how much things are going on in that chunk they are loading in.

    I have noticed that their lag teleporting away and back instantly to that chunk has been removed once they've already loaded it. However, it DOES indeed lag when someone else loaded the chunk and is active there, but the player themselves have not loaded it recently. To me, this suggests a player-side issue.

    However, it's hard to ignore a "player side" issue that affects 80% of my communities players. What can I do on my end to assist those in the loading times for chunks so they on their screen do not fall through the world for 10-20 seconds on days where we have 20+ players?

    Random observations/notes:
    - Host is in NYC,
    - Intel Core i7 7700K, RAM Dedicated: 16 out of 32
    - Leftover storage on SSD: ~60GB.
    - Upgraded from 1Gbps port speed to 10Gbps no help.
    - Buddy that has a server from this host, same spec in Cali doesn't experience this, more players than me.
    - Players with issues are not exclusively bad internet. Tested up/down the speed with packet loss 0% loss with 500GB speeds for both at one point, still had this issue.
    - I myself had this issue early on and never had it again. I have 100 down 10 up with 0% packet loss as well.
    - Players with issues are not exclusive to outside the US country

    Example video of the issue:

    Please help us! I am open to any suggestions, and anything that points me in the right direction would be amazing.
  2. Have you tried to pre-load all the chunks? My guess based upon what I have seen before, it’s due to the server creating the chunks but just not keeping up with the player. I would try using something like WorldBorder to do pre-loading, I found significant improvements as the server already has it preloaded so client rendering is fast. It may take a few days to preload depending on world size (and take up a lot of ssd space), but should improve things.
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  3. Try to restart the server if its your or you pc maybe is your pc or the server not fast enough:unsure:
  4. Try Paper, I had the same on Spigot
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  5. Sorry I should have said, I do already use PaperMC currently.
  6. Did you even read any of the post? :(
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  7. I have not tried to preload *all* chunks, but in my post I mention that I have tried having the server load a certain set of chunks around an area, and the player still had teleport lag when going into that area. To me this suggests client-side issue. I sincerely appreciate your reply though. If you can think of anything else lmk! (Just to clarify, the server TPS is always 20.0 too)
  8. Ya I would still try pre-loading a lot more chunks, when I was working for a server and the randomTP was causing lag spikes, we determined it was for the same type of reasons (players having your issue) so we just preloaded the whole world and the issue was resolved. Hope you figure it out!
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  9. Well the weird thing is, /wild does *not* lag the players, it actually is quicker for them than tping to a busy area their PC did not load in yet.
  10. Plugins which are causing a heavy load on your server?
    Try installing Spark and analyse the results.
  11. Disable paper x-ray if you have it, it causes networking issues for me