Solved /tell error?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Shieldtrain, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. Hello, Does anyone know what plugin may be causing the /tell command to be acting like this below?
    Syntax: /tell <target> <message>
  2. Are you using the command correctly?
  3. I am pretty sure I am right now I am trying to get it to work for essentials.
  4. Can you send a list of plugins?
  5. What exactly are you trying to get to work?

    The /tell command is like a message command. The syntax above is the correct use for it. It requires a player name and a message.
  6. I am just trying to find the plugin that's changing the Essentials message system for /tell since its blocking social spy from working.
  7. Have you made sure that it's enabled to be used and to show in social spy?

    There are config options for it in the spigot YML.
  8. Well I am trying to fix it where the /tell command goes back to the essentials /tell command where it shows the default not being the odd one out out of all the message commands.
  9. ChatControl does have a feature that does /tell and socialspy, so maybe check the settings.yml for it and see. As that will override /tell from essentials if it's enabled.
  10. I see what you are trying to do now. Essentials commands run at a low priority. Any other plugins that have the same command, will be used before essentials.

    As this guy above has stated, chat control has a /tell command. If you want to use the essentials command, you need to disable (toggle or find a way to) disable it.
  11. Alright, So where can I find that under chat control?
  12. Look in the settings.yml file from chatcontrol and it should be in there and it comes up as "Private Messages:" Once you find that, just under it you'll see one that says "Enabled:" make sure that is false, then reload the config with /chc reload