1.14.4 tell me universal API

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  1. some one knows API where i can create custom scoreboards, apply tags for player, create holograms, etc and all it works on packets (don't conflicts with bukkit scoreboard manager or others)
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  3. done
  4. also if universal api does not exist, tell me your set of apis, please
  5. Scoreboards are already a part of the Spigot API. You can use either the main scoreboard controlled by server commands, or you can create a new one that needs. You'll need to save the information yourself to persist the values on your new scoreboard through restart though. I'm not sure what conflict you think would occur in the ScoreboardManager; this is the exact intent of its use.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "apply tags for players" though. Do you want the in-game name of a player in tablist and the nametag above their head to change?

    As for holograms, it's simple. Holograms are just an invisible entity, typically an armorstand/one for each line of text. Packets isn't necessary for anything except perhaps this, and that's only if you want your holograms to display text specific to each player.

    As for this "universal API", I believe you mean the full Spigot library with all of its dependencies and the NMS package that includes Packets and all that fun stuff. This isn't hosted on a public repo, so you have to run BuildTools to install everything into your local repo. Then you can depend on the 'spigot' artifact instead of 'spigot-api'.
  6. in Spigot API i cannot create custom scoreboard for every player and at same time manage bukkit teams for pvp options or others things
  7. It's possible to create scoreboards per player. I believe it's also possible to add entities to a scoreboard/team regardless of what's set as their scoreboard. Case in point being that non-player entities can be added to scoreboards despite not having a #setScoreboard method. #setScoreboard only makes it visible to that player.
  8. It's totally possible using the SpigotAPI. The main API supports all possibles scoreboard manipulations. Third-party libs just make scorboard management easier.