Tell me your fav games

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  1. World of Warcraft and Minecraft
  2. Garry's Mod 2k hours :oops:
  3. Minecraft - ALL THE HOURS
    Scrap Mechanic - 100 hours
    Kerbal Space Program - idk quite a bit of hours
    Star Wars Battlefront II - started a few weeks ago so not that many hours
    Roblox Phantom Forces (aka low budget Battlefield)
  4. Roblox for sure.
  5. Factorio
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  6. Lol idk how you guys can play something like 1k hours. Even best games are boring to me after 100-200 hours and I jump to something else.
  7. Fortnite and Minecraft

    EDIT: Rocket League is Also fun
  8. Elite: Dangerous, Euro Truck Simulator 2 and definitely good old Minecraft
  9. I played minecraft for to long... xd
  10. Minecraft and dota2
  11. Fable 2 and other fable games are my all time favourites.
  12. Mine: League Of Legends, Minecraft and i'm waiting for NARAKA Bladepoint
  13. Minecraft is probably my favorite, I also like RDR2 storyline but its very much a 'Play through it once and your done' kind of game
  14. Detroit: Become Human, quanticdream is hiring so there looks to be something in the works :unsure:
  15. i like minecraft, sims, and the fallout series
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  16. Satisfactory and KSP ?