Spigot TellCommands 1.2

Plugin to appreciate your donators!

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    TellCommands - Plugin to appreciate your donators!

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  2. what does this plugin do?
  3. Code (Text):
       if ((cmd.getName().equalsIgnoreCase("donor")) && ((sender instanceof Player)))
          Player player = (Player)sender;
          if (!player.hasPermission("TellCommands.Donor"))
            player.sendMessage(ChatColor.RED + "You dont have permission to perform this command");
            return false;
    NEVER return false on a command, only if there is no command.
    You should do return true; because if it return, it will stop and do the same thing.
    Packet should be me.yourname.pluginname not me.yourname because if you make more plugins, there will be some problems if the class names will be the same.
    Third, if you don't want to get people blame you because you posted a plugin, you shouldn't release a plugin until you made a little advanced plugin. Because if there is only messages, people will start reviewing it bad.
  4. Okay thx. I am all new and its my first plugin :)
  5. Do you have a idea for an plugin that i could try to code?
  6. Hey try to add an function also if it only makes an sound or something! ;D
  7. Good first plugin. Keep working! :)