Question Ten thousand lines of complex code is 'too simple' for premium?

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  1. We're trying to sell a plugin that we already have many users and many interested buyers for, as donation-ware here on the Spigot resources page.

    Unfortunately, it seems ten thousand lines of complicated non-trivial Java code - that adds a variety of powerful features, including several that don't even exist in any spigot plugin known to us - is "too simple", and we've been given no clear means to dispute the issue. All we have is a notification saying it was rejected because "resource is too simple", not even so much as a link to a fuller explanation or a method to open a dispute.

    What can we do about this situation?
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  2. n1. What was it?

    n2. Retry and hope another resource staff accepts it lol
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  3. just retry, dude probably misclicked.
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  4. What was the plugin?
  5. MiniDigger


    If you would have read the premium resource guidelines you would know what to do and where you can appeal that decision...
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