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  1. I want to be able to see the terminal (Minecraft server) in the browser for easier access for my admins (And host a couple of servers for friends). I have searched the web but couldn't find the code to do this (I am a web developer so I want to make the site myself). I want to make a simple interface with file access and the Minecraft server command line with command input if anyone has a tutorial on how to do this please link below.
  2. Just run a panel like Pterodactyl. Otherwise you'll have to write probably around 50k LOC.
  3. If you're using Windows to host your server, multicraft is another good one.
  4. Windows consumes more RAM compared to a headless/GUI-less linux installation.
  5. I know Windows consumes more Ram... but some people who host private home-hosted servers still do it on windows. That's why I was giving him an option that doesn't rely solely on a Linux based distro.
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    I'd also suggest MCMyAdmin. I have that, pretty satisfied with it.

    A properly built Windows server will not consume much RAM. Problem is most Windows server installations are anything but. I'm not sure what a headless linux uses, but my Windows Server 2012 idles at just over three hundred megs.
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  7. If you want to *see* only, you can install plugin discordsrv on your MC server - and on your discord server you can give proper right to some friends.

    If you want to have some several MC servers with console, you can use some panel. I think Pterodactyl panel is too complicated, better to use PufferPanel (something like Pterodactyl but simple). First you have to install panel (for example PufferPanel) and then in panel you can create some MC servers. When you create some MC server in PufferPanel, you can copy all files of your MC server to directory in PufferPanel (for example using ftp). Then you can give various rights to some your friends - one can see console, another one can even send commands in console.