MCPVP Terrain Control *CLOSED* New at Bukkit Games

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  1. On my server was not changed all the same did everything sertinho:mad:
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  3. The hungergames chunk generator wont work with terrain control..
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    Not gonna work, lol
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  5. Mhmmm. ok i fix it :p
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  6. i want to spawn more mushrooms like this photo: 2014-04-23_16.22.45.png ,im this photo i am at MCPVP server
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    Don't bump old topics.
    Lower the water levels using terrain control.
  8. but how do i do?i just want to spawn mushrooms,can you put the config here?
  9. IT DONT WORK !!!
  10. i work on it :D wait 3 day than i Update my Terrain Config :D
  11. Okey thx can you fix the link ?
  12. Okey can you do it now i have a server so have 35 player i need hg
  13. i too,i need to add more mushrooms i am waiting your answer thanks
  14. I believe in the biome configs for terrain control there are options to enable different grow.
  15. when do you think it's clear so you can use it? '. It would be fun to have it on the server and I think the players would think it huh fun.