Test/Dev Server... Aquatis or Nolag?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by neojacker, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Right now I'm developing my first "big" plugin and I need a cheap minecraft Host to offer people a site to test it.

    I have seen that there are 2 especially cheap sites: NoLag and Aquatis

    Surely I will decide for one of those 2 but I want your advice.
    Also así about the DDoS protection of both hostings.

  2. Foxvific


    Just buy a VPS from OVH (ExtraVM if you're underage)/DigitalOcean/RamNode
  3. Don't even think about nolag they are trash and have 10gbps ddos protection.
  4. According to the reviews I read, don't take NoLag but take Aquatis instead. Also it would be recommandabel to use a cheap VPS for this one.

    The following hosts are recommended by the people:

    - Aquatis Hosting
    - Shockbyte
    - ExtraVM
    - OVH
    - Pebblehost
    - Anvilnode
    - Serverbuilds (Is a Dutch company)

    If I forgot a host please tell me :)
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  5. Yes a VPS would be fine but I have 0 idea of how to setup It.
  6. How much players can handle a 1gb VPS?
  7. Why would anyone even want to hit off some random test server? Plus, 10 gbps (if that's true) is not too bad.
  8. Depends on your CPU/Bandwith as well.
  9. ExtraVM is owned by one of our own, @MikeA. I use it and love it. :)
    I suggest it highly.
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  10. MikeA

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    A true hero.
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  11. Considering nolag.host? LOL, Google some reviews, this site has plenty of them.
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  12. Hey @MikeA how many players un average can handle the 1GB Ram OpenVZ SSD VPS?
  13. MikeA

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    I usually don't recommend using an OpenVZ VPS for Minecraft, under the right circumstances it can cause high load on the system which might affect other clients (and it results in VPS being suspended.) KVM VPS or normal MC hosting with any provider is probably better.

    1GB, I'd say around 15~20 being optimistic unless you're running things like dynmap and only have the default 3 worlds. You're really limited though.
  14. Nolag shouldn't even be considered. You can go ahead and lock this thread unless your looking into other hosts also. You can tell they are shit because after this weekend when they were getting severely shit and flamed on everyone from nolag suddenly shut up on spigot... haven't heard from them on spigot in awhile. It's quite nice actually.
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  15. Don't go with NoLag. You're better off hosting at home in comparison.
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  16. Evan, I sometimes wonder if you ever had an account with us or if you're just a keyboard warrior over the Internet.

    I'm not going to explain anything in regards to comments that have been placed here.

    @neojacker Feel free to send me an email to [email protected] and I'll be more than happy to give you a free Server so that you can try out our "bad servers" and "10 Gbps Ddos protection"! :)

    Best regards,
  17. You don't need to be a customer in order to read dozens of bad reviews.
  18. If you have a look at most posts Evan wrote, you will see that most of it is rubbish.

    Thank you!
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  19. Go with Anvilnode!
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  20. No!
    Go with OVH!
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