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  1. Hey guys!
    Today I would like to show off a new web-based script I have created. As I am not a professional in PHP (yet!), It would be very helpful to me if you could tell me what you think, and tell me what I could improve on.

    Note: The query script does not have the ability to check server status over certain DDoS protections (including CloudFlare). If your domain doesn't work, feel secure to use your direct IP; There are no logs.

    Basically, what the script does is give you an HTML snippet, which you can paste onto your website. The snippet will provide a toolbar showing the server status + percentage based on the max player amount you entered, or if left blank the # of slots the server has.

    Planned Changes & Additions
    - Customizable style of progress bar.
    - Option to make player count centered based on whole bar or "shaded" area.
    (please reply to this thread to suggest more)

    The HTML snippet should only be used for testing at this time. If you would like to use this generator for your Minecraft server in this testing version, please send me a message with your website URL.

    Current Screenshots:

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  2. The player count is not aligned very well.
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  3. Thanks for your input. At the moment I have the player count to be aligned at the center of the progress bar which is filled, which prevents the text from not being visible if the server has a low percentage of players on. I plan on having an option where users could possibly change this setting to their need. Adding to planned changes.