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  1. Hey all,

    I have been trying to get a texture pack on my server for 2 days now ...
    I putted it on mediafire dropbox and typed the link in the server config.
    My server asks if you want to install it but when you click yes nothing happens.

    The texture pack is 70MB, thats no problem?
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    texture pack limit is 50mb in recent versions of MC, if it's larger than that, the client won't apply the pack. the only real alternative option in those cases is to host the file somewhere and tell people to install it
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  3. That's a pretty big texture pack, what do you have in it?
  4. Wait, I just looked and the texture pack is 45mb ... So there is something wrong going on right?

  5. electronicboy

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    check your client logs, make sure that you've grabbed the correct URL (i don't deal with dropbox, so no idea on that)
  6. In Dropbox direct link, put "?dl=1" instead of "?dl=0"

    Sorry for my bad English, I'm Portuguese

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  7. This is what my client says ...
    I now used another random texture pack of 11mb ...
    It can't be something in the pack because they both didn't work ..
    Also my friend is experiencing this.

    [14:23:12] [Downloader 0/INFO]: Found file C:\Users\IzzyMichiel\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\server-resource-packs\4508d3d644921c2d05e4ed97cd0e74f2de79d046 without verification hash
    [14:23:12] [Downloader 0/WARN]: Server resourcepack is invalid, ignoring it

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  8. FIXED! I hosted the file on my own webserver and its working now :)