Praise Thank you Spigot!

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    Hello spigoteers!
    I just wanted to give a huge appreciation hug to the Spigot team!​
    @md_5 @Thinkofdeath

    + All the staff

    I would like to give a hug to all the members and staff. They work their butts off for us and we follow in their footsteps. If it wasn't for spigot I'm sure a few of you never even heard of the language as Java.
    So why don't we all just give the amazing developers an applause for all their hard work!

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  2. m8 we had to download minecraft, which we installed java for
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  3. I mean in a sense of developing in the program. But I see what you mean ;)
  4. I will just like to steal all credits, kthxbai. (jk) :3
  5. MiniDigger


    nope, nowadays the launcher does that for you ;)
  6. only if you use the new launcher for windows. and it why would you use it if you have java anyway
  7. #GoSpigot<3
  8. kissass

    :p Just kidding, bravo spigot staff!
  9. Thanks to everybody supporting this thread! It really means a lot to me, and to spigot!
  10. Whoo! To the next $10 *chears* lol
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  11. #Bump4Spigot
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  12. MiniDigger


    is it really necessary to bump such a post?
  13. I think so, I want this post to be recognized by everyone so they to can realize and thank spigotmc