Praise Thanks spigot!

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  1. Thank you spigot for changing my life, and inspiring me to make good of myself, playing minecraft servers more than 8 hours a day all the time, got quite.. I don't know how to explain but.. bad for myself and very in-productive. When I came across spigot for the first time to make my server, I was just a leecher, I took whatever I thought was useful and implemented it on my server, without giving any support to the developers who made those plugins. I soon came to realize with time, that spigot was more then a place to just leech. I thought, wow, these guys have put such a great opportunity in-front of me to just simply download free and open source software. About 5 months ago, I also came to realize that this is such a great opportunity to upload software for free where hundreds of people download it! It is insane how you guys have given me this opportunity to take and upload your plugins and for quick response to situations where I am in need of assistance. I would not be as successful right now, if I were not given such an easy opportunity like this to upload plugins and take plugins as I need! You guys have inspired me to make the most out of myself and I would not be starting java in 2 weeks without you guys. Thanks so much for everything! - BourneDev PS: That name would be non-existent if you guys didn't help give me that title :)
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