The announcement banner (AGAIN)

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  1. Everything time! Ahaha.

    Can you PLEASE let this to be dismissed? It's just simpler because I'm lazy and mobile.

    Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 23.47.07.png
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  2. saphiria


    It is annoying on mobile... I wish you could set it so it only shows on PC... Or maybe can only be dismissed on mobile.
  3. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Nope, this one isn't meant to be dismissed.
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  4. do the exclamation marks mean 'urgently need' donations and the hashtags are like extra money or what?
  5. No, Exclamation marks represent how much the Spigot team has put forward and, The hash tags represent funds put forward by the community members.
  6. But but but...
    It should be.

    It removes from the user experience :/
  7. Use stylish to block this class: noticeContent
  8. Yes but the issues is that all further notices will be blocked. Not very useful.
  9. Spigot is turning into wikipedia :(
  10. MineCove


    I suppose the proper action for people who wish not to heed the announcement should be that they are required to pay a $10 processing fee. While it removes the announcement, the fee coincidentally goes towards MineCon funding.

    Would you suggest Spigot does not rely on donations like Wikipedia does, and instead charges fees for builds? By all means - Lets stay like Wikipedia ;)
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  11. I'd be fine with that, but it would make a pay-for-something kinda of deal.
  12. Sure, you're welcome to donate towards this project ;)
  13. Tux


    Not really. I don't think you want to see md_5's sad face. *cough* Remember those calls for donations with Jimmy Wales staring at your face? *cough*
  14. Not really... Since most announcements are "xxx" has been released! They will also be a pinned post on the homepage anyways.
  15. Alright maybe it isn't going that far yet, but there are some suspicious similarities...
  16. I hate this announcement to be honest, each time I'm on my phone its the biggest thing I see .-.
  17. jflory7

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    I think everyone can deal with this for a month. This is arguably one of the most important events that has happened in our community in the past two, almost three, years.
  18. okAY :p
  19. Yeah, I understand that it's a big event and I will donate even though I'm not even going or even run a server, but this is quite big (on a 6+):

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