The BEST Land Management System : Introducing RLS

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  1. Realistic Land System
    This is something that I'm working on:

    Project Structure:

    Tell me what you feel.
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  2. Two things.

    1. What's the result of what you see here? How does it look in-game?
    2. Just open source it if you want to share it with people.
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  3. It's still under huge development, before it went famous I don't think I should open-source it.
    Other big groups can just copy my code and claim to be their own.
    No one gonna care about a nobody you know. :(
  4. Unlikely.

    Well, first up, that can still happen. You publish something, there's always the risk of someone taking it. You're then best off just open sourcing it to the world so that there's no point anymore in anyone stealing it. Open source promotes quality, not fame. If you have the right license, like GPL V3 for instance, then people aren't just allowed to copy and redistribute it either. There would be certain limitations.

    If that's something you worry about or need general help on, just ask here on the forums.
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  5. It's hard to tell what the program's goal is. What does the "management" of land entail? Is it a world editor like NBTEdit was? Does it integrate with some sort of region plugin?
    Also, perhaps it's on the to-do list, but what about graphics representing blocks in the world as well? It's hard to tell where any land you might even want to manage is unless you know the chunk coordinates that everything spans.
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  6. I think I'm gonna open-source it once it's useable. :p
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  7. Hah, glad you asked. This is a brand new land plugin based on chunks.
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  8. Ah, so it's for your own plugin. I'm still not sure what it's meant to be used for though. Does it also only work on the level of chunks? i.e. what if some of your work does not fit a chunk exactly?
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  9. Nah, it is powerful!
    You can create a whole country with it, or a company, or just a small town.
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  10. Looks pretty interesting, though the UI could use some work. Bit too complex in my opinion though.
  11. Yes it is complex, but it's powerful.
  12. Complexity doesn't have to be represented to the user though, that's what UX is about ;)
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  13. I'm a decent backend developer, but a verrrry bad UI designer. xD