the best MC server hardware that money can buy

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  1. I've been trying to setup a list of components for "the best MC server hardware that money can buy" but need someone to discuss with. Since Minecraft is single threaded, we are a bit limited in the kind of hardware (CPU/Mobo) we can build with. There is unfortunately no direct benefit for Minecraft from multiple cores or processors.

    So let's start with the CPU.
    According to this list this CPU would be the best choic;
    Intel Xeon E3-1290v2 3,7GHz (or Intel Core i7-3770K @ 3.50GHz which is a lot more bang for the buck). But they are using the older Socket 1155, which does not support more than 32GB of RAM.

    A quite normal number I've seen, is that you expect a player to use 75-100mb RAM, so 32GB would allow about 350 players (+/- 50 players) online at the same time. The question is, would those CPU's handle it easily or run close to 100%?

    The best possible Minecraft CPU with the new 2011 Socket is this one, Intel Core i7-3960X @ 3.30GHz (or Intel Xeon E5-1620 @ 3.60GHz for less cash) which does support up to 512GB of RAM (64 GB for the E5-1620).

    When do you guys experience that RAM vs CPU is the breakpoint?
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    E1290v2 with either a high grade SSD or ram disk, is what all the top servers are using at the moment.
  3. Hmm interesting. Do you have any idea of how many users they can have online at the same time with 32gb RAM and approximately the CPU usage at those times?
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    An E1290v2 + 32gb of ram + ssd / ramdisk will handle 300 at 20tps, maybe 350 at lower.
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    You can't really judge that. It all depends on what kind of servers you run, the plugins use use, the amount of chunks loaded, the amount of entities running around, and I'm sure some other factors.
  6. I agree that there are lots of factors like that. But if lets say the 10 most popular servers run with that setup, I'm sure you can say that they have about 280-350 users online, which is a good enough indicator. Or if it's close to 400 than 300.

    Thank you md_5. Good to know what to expect of the hardware.

    Anyone heard any rumors/info if Mojang is working on making MC multithreadded? Or do you think it's a too big task to be done?
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    Sadly it's never going to happen, I think we should all stop dreaming. If it was done it would pretty much require a full rewrite of the game engine, plus, CraftBukkit/Bukkit, Spigot, and pretty much every other Plugin/Mod would have to be rewritten to account for the changes.
  8. Spout's server will be doing this. It's a shame that Mojang didn't do this earlier on. You never know though, a lot of work has to be done for the mod API, maybe a 1 big update, consisting of the modAPI and Multithreaded servers that may take 4 - 5 months would be beneficial for the minecraft community.
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    I have to agree with you there, if they started it from the beginning then it would've progressed on its own, but now they'd have to do a rewrite of a lot of code. If Mojang did that you don't know how happy myself and many others would be.

    I also can't wait for the Modding API, will be interesting!
  10. Yeah, thing is Notch never realized how popular the game may become, so the need for multithreading was never there till the boom of accounts, still he should have thought it as a priority. It wasn't like there was only single threaded cpus when the game came out. I mean, there was Intel Core 2 Quads, out everywhere lol
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    I have been running the setup e5-1650 6 cores and 6 virtual, 64 GB DDR3 RAM, 120 GB SSD and 2 TB SATA III both running on Raid 1.

    I've been wondering what my server should be able to hold. We have reached a little over 100 and still had 20 TPS on all of the servers. What do you guys think my max amount of players would be?
  12. I have the one under you. I'd say you'd easily be able to hold 200 + players on one server. But I'd recommend you use bungeecord and split up the worlds to different servers if you have multiple worlds as you would hold more players as it wouldn't be just hitting the same CPU cores.

    That's an OVH build right? I believe I'm running the one under you, with 4core and 4 threaded. Thing is I chose my one because it had that extra oompf in CPU power. (As in more ghz)
  13. Yup - we're waiting for Spout server :)
  14. Wouldn't blame you, but may be some time before it's ready. I may port over, but it depends how long it'd take to port over all our custom modifications. Hope it won't be too annoying. Shouldn't be really.

    All I know is that spout will be great, but the problem with spout is that it'll require the spout client :/ <-- Unless only for the spout GUI items, not sure on that one
  15. Also, did your heroes get removed from bukkit from your or their accord?
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    Already use bungee cord. Have it split up into about 4 servers atm. There will be a total of 8 when its all said and done.
    EDIT: Yes, that is an OVH plan.
  17. Sounds a bit like my server :p And yeah you should be able to handle quite a few players :p
  18. Is it possible to run more than 1 server on the same CPU with out them bumping heads on the same core? To me is seems like minecraft always uses the main core on a CPU no matter how I set core priority/affinity.