The Best Panel for hosting companies

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Which of these panels do you think is best for hosting companies?

  1. Multicraft


  3. GSP-Panel

  4. McMyAdmin

  5. pterodactyl

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  1. Hello and welcome to this thread.

    Today I want to talk about the hosting panels and know their opinion about them.

    There are many hostings companies that offer minecraft hosting and others from many more games, dedicated, vps, web hosting and domains. Each hosting uses a panel but what do users really prefer? Currently as I have been able to find I have seen that there are several panels and which have an addon for WHCMS.

    Knowing this, I would like to know your vote and if you have something else to add I will be happy to read.

    Panels that are currently on the market (if you know any more please let me know):


    This thread is intended to help new companies dedicated to hosting. Your contribution and support are appreciated. All opinions will be respected and accepted. Thanks so much.
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  2. interesting and I hope that this project goes ahead but the same as Pterodactyl. It is in beta and still has to offer services to companies dedicated to hosting.
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    Dont make Text Blue if its not clickable. That triggers me
  4. i Using over 6 month AMP for Minecraft its really nice and simple to understand
  5. Pterodactyl can be used completely fine.
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  6. Jaja okay
    Have not plans for companies yet.
    Yes but It is still in development mode but as I said I have not considered it in this thread because I have already used it and I know it can be a possibility. As I read the addon for whcms it is not compatible with its latest version.
  7. Of course, its still being developed, same as the other mentioned panels. Pterodactyl runs fine as it is and can be used, a lot of big hosts also use it, including us. Also that the WHMCS module does not work is not true, works absolutely fine.
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  8. Then I was wrong. Thanks for letting me know.
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  9. Screen. ;)
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  10. You don’t need a control panel of your using homehosted server :D (just kidding)
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  11. Why are you kidding? You really don't. You launch a jar file, and all you need, is what you're being given - a terminal.
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  12. cause homehosted servers are shit and no one uses them. To be more exact its cause you need DDOS protection etc.
  13. Multicraft is the best choice for me, cuz i was working with this panel. Its easy to work with this panel. In Bulgaria we have 2-3 hosting companies that are cool and one of the hosting companies that i was working with was with Multicraft so from there :D
  14. That's a whole different topic. We were discussing whether you need a control panel to be able to run a home hosted server.
  15. The guy is more likely to use VPS or dedi from a provider and won’t have the screen...
  16. Fair enough.

    Anyways, if one buys a dedi from a "provider" and doesn't have a full ssh/sftp root access to the host and you're being given a panel as the only management tool, then you're being screwed over and you might not actually be using a dedicated machine. There are plenty of such Minecraft specialized hosting services, but I'm not calling names as the representatives of services in question will defend themselves. Hosts that claim to offer dedicated servers and at the same time offer only multicraft or any other panel and no direct root access, and at the same time advertise said product as "dedicated", are laughable. Said hosters make a good use of client's lack of understanding. A client might ask what specifications the "dedicated" machine is, then client is amazed by the specs, goes all in and complains about lags, but little did they know the specs are shared with 15 other clients. I got too much free time in my hands, went a bit too off topic here.

    On the other hand, you're right about VPS. Those are rather limited ---- and much cheaper due to the absence of features and manageability and installing screen or any similar counterparts might not be possible.
  17. Not necessarily, I think that hosts should definitely give clients a choice as to whether or not they get access to their servers, but for some managed hosts, giving a client root access to their dedicated server would be a complete nightmare. Clients with little linux experience often mess things up and create more trouble, then putting the blame on the host because the server was supposed to be managed.
  18. Multicraft ofc if you don't want to copy the latest summerhosts and make your summer host different so you could possibly get 1 or even TWO sells from it before it closes down.
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