The best plugins for your server [my opinion]

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  1. Hey guys as you see by the title, well, i will be recommending the best plugins in my opinion.
    So lets start off and say that you just opened your server and don't know what plugins to get.

    So first off in the list we are gonna have the administration plugins for op only.

    1. Chatcontrol
    What chat control do is very simple.
    it blocks people from advertising
    For example: "Hey guys!! Join this awesome server the ip is:
    and it will replace the whole thing with ****** so thats pretty useful also it blocks people from spamming the server like for example: This server is Noob
    This server is Noob
    This server is Noob
    If a player try to spam a msg like this it will block and say
    Please do not repeat the same thing {or similer}
    So thats pretty useful. you can also mute the wholechat using /chc mute it will mute chat globule so
    only op can talk. You can also troll people by /chc fake join [name]
    what that does it will join a fake person [Example] has joined the game. Just note you cannot do spaces.

    2. AdvancedBan
    If you are tired of the old /kick and /ban msgs you can use this plugin. it is very useful to have a really cool ban/kick msg layout.
    So here what it does:
    It adds why the player got kicked, time, and whan ban will be over.

    3. AntiXray
    If you're tired of people cheating on your server you can download this plugin. it prevents xray in a very cool way. and trust me it works very well.

    4. Altchecker
    If you are curious about someone keeps joining your server with different account you can use this plugin to check there ip and what other users they logged on with.

    5. BuyCraft

    Do you want your players to donate to your server without you having to manually put there group for them? well you can sign up at and setup donation store the money will got right to you and the players will receive there groups Cool right?

    6. Tablist
    Are you tired of the old boring tab? you can get this plugin to make tablist look really cool and people enjoy it. you can learn more about the plugin just look it up.

    7. Groupmanager
    Use this plugin to make life easier to setup groups and permissions. it is awesome plugin.
    Set a group: /mangadd [name]
    Set group permission: /mangaddp [name] [permission]
    Set group prefix: /mangaddv [name] [variable witch is prefix/suffix] [and the perfix you want]

    So thats all for the only op plugins. now we are moving into the player's fun plugin.

    So we start off with Factions.
    Factions is really good for players to make clans battle others and claim land. it is really fun.
    People can create there faction by /f create and by inviting others using /f invite add [name]
    and they can raid other clans and have fun. This plugin need massive-core to work or alse it won't.

    2. Disco Armour
    This plugin is really good for donators to show off on your server. So what it does is give you leather armour but changes color and other people will get jealous lol.

    This is really hard to setup because it have to be setup from the config
    but what it does is if your players vote they will get a cratekey go to the chest with the same crate key name it have and they might win money blocks and even kits. Cool right?

    So that is all guys! if you read all this i love you because i didn't copy paste this. i wrote it all my self.
    If you guys have any other questions please contact me.

    Contact info:
    Gmail:[email protected]
    Kik: XxXZackXxX
    My minecraft server: [1.8.x]
    it's been Zack, PeaceOut
    And if you liked this threat please say so down bellow. :3

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  2. This thread is useless, but if you to stand out by the rest, you have to be applied into the presentation. You can add lines between the plugins, underline the name of the plugin, add colors or images.
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