The best way to pass the limit of 16 characters?

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  1. Hello,

    I'm currently doing name tag with the help of ScoreBoard, I'm having a problem ...
    The limit and 16 character.
    I know it's possible to skip this limit.
    My research not ends up on something suitable.

    I thank you for your answer.

    Unnecessary answers like "I put 2 sec to find you are zero" are not acceptable.
  2. Creeoer


  3. Unfortunately this solution does not work.
  4. The scoreboard on the side? You need to use team prefixes and suffixes to make it non-flicker and to have a 32 char limit.
  5. No I want to create a team to have a prefix to score on the player's nickname as well as in the tab list.
  6. With 1.13 you can go so far like me. I need a lot bigger screen now :D (fully made from packets, keep that on mind) API not allow this yet.
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  7. I am in 1.8, I would like a solution for this version.
  8. Nobody has any idea about my problem?
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    You said you wanted to go over the 16 char limit in the tab list as well. This is possible but not using the native bukkit api, I'd look into protocol lib for this and also look into this: I've went over the 16 char limit in the tab list using this code:
    Code (Text):
        PlayerInfoData newPlayerInfoData = new PlayerInfoData(newProfile,
                                                    oldPlayerInfoData.getPing(), oldPlayerInfoData.getGameMode(),
                                                    WrappedChatComponent.fromText(prefix + " " + playerName));
    Look into the wrappedchatcomponent, it's included in protocol lib. Of course you can do this without protocol lib if you wanted to but I can't help you there.
  10. Hmm thank you very much.
    I will try with what you gave me.
    If anyone has a more direct solution without ProtocolLib.
  11. Another option which doesnt run on packets is to hide the player nametag & use a packet hack to maintain a packet illusion of a mounted invisible armorstand. These can have much longer custom names & can be stacked.
  12. This is not an option that I want to use ... knowing that it is possible to do otherwise on everything I want to affect also the tab list.
  13. Did you have a solution for my problem?
    You seem to have found a solution.
  14. When you want use sidebar scoreboard you have to use prefix, and suffix of scoreboard team. When you add entry into scoreboard team (String type) not player you can extend text of one line up to 72 characters. Also you need to set score of that entry to show in sidebar scoreboard. About that scoreboard below player I think it is same pocess but with another team and scoreboard and you need to add (Player type) into team. I cannot confirm it now but should it be right.
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    I believe there was a change made in 1.13 that removed the char limit in scoreboards without the need for prefixes or suffixes. The char limit for scoreboards is usually 16 as denoted here: but that limit was removed in 1.13. However you stated you wanted a solution for 1.8 so this won't apply to you.
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  16. Is this something you are looking for ?
  17. NEZMANY, he is looking for a side scoreboard, not above the head of the player.
  18. But ok nvm. Good luck and have a nice day.
  19. He said:
    "as well as in the tab list."