The constructor PlayerInfoData is undefined

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  1. Hello, i'm using code that was working in 1.8 but suddenly is now broken in 1.8.3, I'm getting this error in eclipes: "The constructor PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo.PlayerInfoData(PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo, GameProfile, int, null, null) is undefined"

    this is the code i'm using:
    Code (Text):
        public boolean removeallatonce() {
            PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo remove = new PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo();
            boolean done = false;
             try {
                 Field a = remove.getClass().getDeclaredField("a");
                 a.set(remove, EnumPlayerInfoAction.REMOVE_PLAYER);
                 Field b = remove.getClass().getDeclaredField("b");
                 List<PlayerInfoData> datalist = Lists.newArrayList();
                 Iterator< profile > profile = getUserProfiles().iterator();
                 while(profile.hasNext()) {
                    profile user =;
                    if(getInstance().getServer().getPlayer(user.getUser()) != null) continue;
                    PlayerInfoData data = user.getData();
                    GameProfile gprofile = data.a();
                    datalist.add(new PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo.PlayerInfoData(remove, gprofile, -1, null, null));
                    b.set(remove, datalist);
                done = true;
             } catch (Exception e) {
                 done = false;
             for(Player player : getInstance().getServer().getOnlinePlayers()) {
                 CraftPlayer craftplayer = (CraftPlayer) player;
                 PlayerConnection connection = craftplayer.getHandle().playerConnection;
             return done;
    I'm getting the error on this line
    Code (Text):
    datalist.add(new PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo.PlayerInfoData(remove, gprofile, -1, null, null));
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    The constructor is now
    Code (Text):
    GameProfile p2, int p3, EnumGamemode p4, IChatBaseComponent p5
    so change that line to
    Code (Text):
    datalist.add(new PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo.PlayerInfoData(gprofile, -1, null, null));
  3. That doesn't seem to work, i get this error in eclipes,
    Code (Text):
    No enclosing instance of type PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo is accessible. Must qualify the allocation with an enclosing instance of type PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo (e.g. A() where x is an instance of PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo).
  4. Create an instance of the packet, and then create the PlayerInfoData as
    Code (Java): PlayerInfoData(params);
  5. Doesn't work,
    I get this in eclipes when trying "Packet.PlayerInfoData cannot be resolved to a type" and this is the code
    Code (Text):

     PlayerInfoData data = new PlayerInfoData(profile, 10, EnumGamemode.SURVIVAL, ChatSerializer.a(name));
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    Oops, thought the inner class was static.

    -_- really? You can't work out that you have to put "remove" instead of "packet", because you named your packet "remove"?
    Code (Java):

    datalist.add( PlayerInfoData(gprofile, -1, null, null));
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