The Cursed TPS

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  1. Hello Spigot Users,

    I run a Semi-Vanilla server on 1.15.2 and we have been consistently plagued by the TPS being absolute garbage ever since 1.14.2. We are running out of solutions and are slowing seeping into accepting that this is our fate until our community turns into dust. Does anyone have a way to help us over come this problem?

    Server Information
    Motherboard: ASUS P9D-M
    Processor: Intel Core i7-4790K @ 4.00GHz
    32GB of Kingston 1600MHz RAM
    2 SATA Disks. Both Samsung MZ7LM240 @240GB.

    Plugins [All Up-To Date]
    Aysnc World Edit
    GCore (prev. Pyrcore)
    Grief Prevention
    Tab List
  2. Same, people recommend is the Server Optimization guide, which does wonders. You should also try looking into their recommended plugins, since they helped me some. Either those recommended farm reduction plugins or a stacking plugin might help your performance. Also, I haven't used it but I heard ClearLag doesn't solve much of the lag, so you might want to look into finding a replacement or removing it.

    Either way I think you should post a timings and/or look into that (if you haven't already)
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  3. @Michielcx Hey I have a recent timing report:

    Also we have recently installed Entity Tracker and it has helped some, but not enough to help keep us consistently at 20 TPS. We are looking into the suggestions you did provide us. We will implement them this week and provide an updated timings then. Thank you!

    I will also say the statistics towards the end are not as accurate for the whole server. Another staffer and I were having fun with TNT in the End leading to that spike.
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  4. Looking at the timings I think you'll also benefit a ton by using the settings from the guide. With the poor performance of 1.15 you basically have to optimize your config as much as possible.

    I'd just recommend to keep changing config until you and your players are satisfied (and installing the plugin that @aglerr recommended)
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  5. In bukkit.yml, you should change ticks-per: monster-spawns ambient-spawns and and water-spawns from 1 to 10. For spawn-limits:
    monsters from 70 to 50, ambient from 15 to 1, animals from 10 to 8, and water-animals from 15 to 10. In spigot.yml, mob-spawn-range from 8 to 6, view-distance from default to 7, ticks-per: hopper-check from 1 to 4, entity-activation-range: animals from 32 to 24, and tick-inactive-villagers from true to false.

    These values are based on the optimization guide in my signature, however I modified them to be more personal for what was in your timings.
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  6. TPS threads for some reason are being deleted, can someone help out?

    My server gets over 15 players and the tps goes down to 9, ran a fully dedicated server (own datacenter) with only that minecraft instance, I bought a new server and got the same issue,

    The server specs were Dell PowerEdge R610 Dual Xeon X5550 @ 2.67Ghz running CentOS 7 load stays under 2 NICE set to 19 on the main process, I just bought a better server Dell PowerEdge R620 Dual Xeon E5-2650 v2 2.60Ghz (8 core) problem stays.

    I used to run on bad i5’s a 400 player network (1.8) and can’t run a 20 player server, on a fully dedicated box?

    Timings for the 15 player massive drop is 1

    And a longer during a high player count timings is

    I tracked the issue to be entities, but the total of the entities on chunks is low, and just a couple player farms, that don’t seem to lag the server (they are small) also on the entity type it is…Timings is being useless.. tried spigot and paper, same results..did all of the possible tweakings, bought plugins, nothing helped.

    My discord is Steve | Alpaca#7291

    Thanks in advance

    • Steve
  7. Mods close and delete any threads they see which contain Online Mode Disabled in timings or offline mode message from server log so that's why.
  8. Yes. Use 1.12.2 if you want to have many players on one server. Otherwise you need way better CPU and you still will struggle unless you nerf mobs dramatically.
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  9. Hey y'all! I am here to give an update to my server's TPS status. We have implemented everything y'all have suggested. At least I believe we have for our server.

    So far, things have improved dramatically. We can now have up to 10 players online and have a 20 TPS. However, its still being overtly sensitive to specific changes. For example, some of our users use a lot of redstone farms which causes the TPS to dip. And if we get above 15 players, the TPS will begin to dip as well. I am planning to decrease our max number of players to help with this situation, but I am curious what are some additional plugins and or mechanics I can change to help keep our TPS consistently around 17-20.

    I have checkout other 1.15.2 SemiVanilla servers and have considered adding:
    Would this be a reasonable addition or is there another thing I could do to help stabilize our TPS so it stays at least above 17 consistently?