The End is crashing my server

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  1. Every time someone goes into the End the Server says "Found that the dragon has been killed in this world already." And then the server crashes, it cannot restart because Java Runtime is still running technically, here is the error copy and paste. This exact thing happened to me THREE times. I hope you can help out! PLEASE ASAP!

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  2. Hmmmph weird it might be due to a plugin try removing all your lplugins and adding them one by one to track a faulty one
  3. I create a new start script, it is very good! For Windows:

    @Echo Off
    title Server Has Crashed
    taskkill /f /im cmd.exe /fi "windowtitle eq run.bat"
    start "" run.bat
    echo Sorry, the server crashed. Started it again
    echo DATE OF CRASH: %date%
    echo TIME OF CRASH: %time%

    All you have to do is put this in your server's run file at the top or below @Echo off:

    title run.bat
    1: copy the code I put at the top and put it in your server files and name it crashstart.bat
    2:In bukkit.yml make the ./ into ./crashstart.bat
    3: stop your server and run your run.bat or whatever you named your server's batch file,
    4: DONE!
    Need more help? Feel free to comment or message me!
    But if you don't understand you are just a newb at servers :D