The end of MinecraftMarket.

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  1. As of last night, 6/21/18, MinecraftMarket, the semi popular donation store platform for Minecraft Servers was “hacked”. I was a loyal (somewhat) customer and after some research I have reason to believe that this was intentional by the developer of this platform and also reasons why you should charge back. Lets begin.

    Lets start with why I think it was intentional. Late last night, according to a source, while a friend of mine was brousing the MinecraftMarket Discord, an unknown user posted a txt file that was the whole MinecraftMarket database including encrypted passwords, first names, last names, usernames and date joined. According my friend, a new developers GitHub got “hacked” that had the whole database and website SRC on it. While the passwords are encrypted safely, the other information is not.

    After this was posted in the Discord, there was general panic and havoc including lots of tagging of Buckingham (the main developer) and other staff. The website said “Hacked by XrtGroup, all users accounts and MinecraftMarket source code have been leaked! Enjoy “ and at one point Buckingham actually came online for around a minute and then went back offline. This was the first sign that something was up because chances are, he was doing this in invisible mode. This was around 12:00 a.m. today and I was getting tired so I got off for the night. According to sources, after I got off the Discord got deleted along with the twitter and website as you can see now:

    Now this is where the suspicion began. I know Buckingham has a rocky past but I don’t think he is dumb enough to have his Discord, Twitter and Spigot passwords all the same and let along not have 2FA enabled on them. As of now, the PayPal used in many transactions to buy plans, REMOVED FOR VIOLATING RULES, still exists and is one of the only things left. I’ll get back to the PayPal in a minute. Now all of this “hacking” seemed to be timed very interestingly since the domain expires in a month according to It also seems weird that we have lost full contact with Buckingham all in one night. Even if we did I am sure, if he was a good person, he would be trying to regain contact with customers but we have only received spam emails in return.

    That is mainly all of the proof I have towards the fact that the “hack” was intentional and was just a plan to run with the money.

    Now if you were a customer of MinecraftMarket and are hesitating to chargeback, here are some reasons why you should:
    • MinecraftMarket has a bad past and got hacked back in 2015 but not as big as this
    • The owner took the money from you and ran without explination
    • Buckingham created a poorly made and secured platform that allowed for this to happen
    • Whenever there was downtime on the website it took at least 5 hours for Buckingham to come on and look at it let alone fix it
    It is truly up to you if you want to Chargeback but I can only suggest you do before the PayPal gets deleted which judging by what has already happened, could happen any minute. I will personally be doing so and I hope you’ll join the squad.

    That’s all for me now and I hope you learned something today which is to always look into a platforms history before you fully invest into it.

    By the way if any of you are looking for cheap/free alternatives to MinecraftMarket, here are some:

    Thanks for reading! :D
    P.S. If there are any grammatical errors, please point them out nicely and I will correct them.
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  2. Well, it doesnt seem like they are going to be back
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  3. Those vulnerabilities came probably up since v2 came out or in one of the last updates from MM.

    The PayPal gets usually locked after a few chargebacks and then after a few other the paypal will be closed.

    Even the v1 wasn't that actual secure..

    Although I left them already about a year ago since their quality of service.. Got even banned from the discord after complaining that they removed one of my themes to get the v2 upgrade done
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  4. Thanks for useful selfhosted links. I have been searching for a while xD
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  5. *Looks back at that thread from 3 weeks ago where people were ranting about a tiny increase in Buycrafts prices*

    MinecraftMarket never had a good reputation. I am really not suprised.
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  6. I am also doubting that the site was actually hacked. I've googled the name of the team that supposedly hacked minecraftmarket and i found nothing except this. I doubt a team of hackers with so much experience to hack a store wouldn't show up on google on anything except minecraftmarket.
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  7. tl;dr
    don't use anything other than Buycraft kids.
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  8. Not necesarrily. Just learn who you trust.
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  9. Who says that? Just because they are the biggest doesn't mean another competitor (i.e. CraftingStore) can't come up and compete and be not that bad.
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  10. Doesn't change the fact that everything got deleted such as Discord &

    Also I don't think this was done intentional. If you want to run with the money, just run, there's no reason to leak a bunch of personal information and our passwords.

    However, the fact that he just seems to have ran off and doesn't respond to anything anywhere is a TERRIBLE way of handling this. MinecraftMarket was a registered company I assume, right? Here in NL, if your company gets hacked and personal data of people gets leaked, you are legally obligated to report this to authorities AND the users. I assume it goes the same for whatever country he was registered in. Him not doing jackshit is going to give him some serious issues if people report this to proper authorities, which, we should.

    This is the reason we got the GDPR.
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  11. I'm not really a Buycraft fanboy but Buycraft has never been hacked in the, 3 - 5 years that it has existed? Probably the most reliable out of all. I mean, sure you can trust someone else's solution (especially self-hosted) but those can always cease existing just like MinecraftMarket.

    Not saying that that will never happen to Buycraft but the chance would be the smallest out of all of them if you ask me.

    Also, the fact that MinecraftMarket already had such a bad reputation (+ being hacked in 2015) should've been a big red flag already.
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  12. Thought about how unreasonable leaking info if you want to run with the money is too, but the fact that the hacking team showed nowhere is really making me be unsure.

    The only thing i am annoyed of is that CraftingStore has no themes for sale :(
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  13. They had Self Hosted Stores as a selling point for their Enterprise plan but I don't think it was ever a reality lol.

    By the way, here is a screenshot of what the leaked database data looks like:
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  14. Do you mind PM-ing me a screenshot for data of my username?
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  15. DM me your MinecraftMarket panel username or email you used.
    I'll do this for anyone else if they do the same. :D
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  16. Oiiii wheres minepos on that list?
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  17. AHHH YES!
    I knew there was one more I was forgetting about! No problem bro! :D
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  18. my username is the same as here.
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  19. Am extremely disappointed with MinecraftMarket. I bought the lifetime plan quite a few years ago, started setting up my store and wasn't satisfied with the service being offered. Requested a refund and was just shrugged off and thrown away. Wasn't aware of the 2015 hack either. MinecraftMarket always seemed subpar to Buycraft and has always lagged behind.

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  20. When it comes to MinecraftMarket alternatives, does anybody here know any custom theme for Craftingstore?
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