The end of MinecraftMarket.

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by BrettPlayMC, Jun 22, 2018.

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  1. Thats what you call a false flag attack.

    And this is honest, very very sad. This ruins my plans as I getting things ready for the full release of my server but now I have no store and I wasted my money on lifetime premium with a template. What do I get in return for my money? Personal information getting leaked. Total bs.
  2. File a chargeback with PayPal or your bank, depending on your payment method. Say in the description that you no longer have your item because your privacy was broken and he violated many laws by doing f**k all when the leak happened and not properly storing your information.
  3. Pretty sure he deleted his PayPal though- so what exactly would happen?
  4. Filing a chargeback would still work afaik.
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  5. Their PayPal account doesn't even show up in purchases anymore, not sure why. Done when they deleted their account?
  6. How so? Multiple users have reported that those transactions are now missing from their account. If we assume they are lying, or have overlooked them- how will PayPal pursue him for the collection of the owed funds assuming you can open, escalate and win the dispute with no seller input?

    Sounds a little far-fetched to me.
  7. This is still very much possible.

    I've had someone file a PayPal case against me before on a closed PayPal account and I did receive an email stating a case had been opened however, as the account was closed, I didn't think much of it (I did try accessing the account to fight it but it didn't work).

    A month or so later, I got a debt collection letter sent to the registered address requesting the funds which were disputed (I didn't pay it initially) and eventually, as I had the same address and card attached to my new PayPal account, they locked that until the owed funds were paid.

    It's pretty stupid from a seller's perspective as they cannot fight the case yet they're still charged with it but as a buyer, it is still possible.

    If you cannot see the transaction, possibly call up PayPal and they may be able to find it for you. If they're unable to find it, file it with your financial institution.
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  8. Yes, I'm not disputing that they contact you regarding collection- but if you do not use legitimate details (as a fair few people don't, unfortunately.) then the original account owner cannot be contacted.
    I know this first hand, as I know a large ring of users that use multiple paypal accounts to move funds between them via purchasing on their own fake storefronts.

    Calling PayPal will always result in positive action- that is the reason you get charged a fee when a chargeback is completed. PayPal still net a loss, but they make the loser pay it.

    Are you aware whether the MinecraftMarket PayPal was legitimate?
  9. Even if the entire account of MM was blocked, I highly doubt the transaction would disappear from your history. A transaction ID (or just the transaction proof in general) is a nice (sometimes even mandatory thing) to have to proof that you purchased something. If the MM account was used for scamming (if it's considered scamming now) and the account got deleted, it would be somewhat contradicting to also delete all referencing transations towards that account as it would do the exact opposite of helping the people that got scammed.

    Then again it's 2018, nothing surprises me anymore at this point.
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  10. Personally I wouldn't know however, with the volume of payments it was once accepting, he would have either needed to verify it (using ID and proof of address) or he'd of switched accounts multiple times (not really worth it IMO in an operation such as his (quite a minimal fraud risk in comparison to other activities)).

    You cannot accept large amounts of money through an account using fake details. If you're within the EU, it stops you at around £1800 (2500 euros).
  11. This sad to hear about but this does suck.
  12. In most cases paypal asks you from about 1600 to verify you to keep your paypal alive without suspensions
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  13. For some reason when I looked at that community and then at this event.. it seems a logical conclusion to a site.
  14. I assume Spigot admins don't mind sharing personal info on this? As it was a business and they have scammed us I assume we have the right to go after the person and go after them for legal reasons?
  15. MinecraftMarket was shady from the very beginning and full of shams, it was only a matter of time before something bigger happened.
  16. But not enough for anyone to expect this outcome. This was uncalled for and unexpected.
  17. You put too much trust in people. I don't think this was all that unexpected - he already stole my money years ago.
  18. Your money, not mine. If someone stole my car, would you go lock yours up and not drive it?
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