The end of MinecraftMarket.

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by BrettPlayMC, Jun 22, 2018.

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  1. I literally check this thread everyday. I myself wasn't with Minecraft Market, but I hope y'all are okay & hopefully get your money back.
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  2. That looks great, do you have any demo up?
  3. Darn, can't seem to charge back as this was back in august when I bought lifetime! Ffs
  4. BGHDDevelopment


    Chargeback via credit card company. If you provide proof on what they did you will win.
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  5. Everyone knows, at this point.
  6. Cool, awesome that i know this now...
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  7. Really? I won my chargeback for complaining about not getting my lifetime plan to last longer. I also mentioned how he scammed us all so that may have helped. But yeah I got my $20 back
  8. I got my $20 back too. I told them that he failed to properly store and protect my data and it as well as 40000 accounts got leaked with personal information.
    The day after PayPal's deadline of when the seller had to respond I got my money back.
  9. Took them an extra week and a half to give me my money after the seller had to respond ugh lol. Either way, glad you got your money back as well. We all deserve it.
  10. Congratulations to you both! You seem to be some of the lucky ones who got charge backs before the account was closed or you bought your plan not long before this happened. Either way congratulations. :)
    I can't say the same for myself but I had it for 2 years and made well more than I payed for the plan so its no big deal. :p
  11. Oh wow, haven't been on there in a while, so that's peculiar to find out.
  12. So I went underground for like a month only to see my store was down and the discord server deleted. Upon finding this thread I can officially say this was a shit-show. But I kinda expected something stupid to happen to MCM what with the lack of development throughout a lot of its lifetime (everyone knows how bad MCM was before version 2 was released, what with bugs everywhere) and really poor customer service. But this is quite unfortunate. It seems to me as though the lead developer thought of this as more of a hobby/project than an actual business (as his response to it happening was very lackluster and something a hobbyist/freelancer would say). It's very unfortunate that he didn't take this as seriously (and this is further evidenced by, again, the fact that there was a time in MCM's history where no production development was made).

    From what I've read (and I've only read 4 pages so far, so don't quote me on this), it was simply hashed in SHA-256? Without being salted? I've seen a lot of shitty things but that's quite dumb if this is the case. After learning from my own mistakes, I now use SHA512+salt. Surprised this wasn't a consideration of the developer.
  13. Choco


    There is no need for this thread to continue. Information was provided in the OP. Since that point, the majority of replies have been criticizing of the owner of the platform which is not necessary. Whether you disagree with how it was handled or not, here is not the place to discuss it. What's happened has already happened, it will not change.

    I'm also incredibly disappointed to see that the user's phone number was published here of all places. You all know better than to encourage such actions. I don't care if it's publicly available, here is not the place to condone doxxing.

    Thread locked.
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