The end of MinecraftMarket.

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by BrettPlayMC, Jun 22, 2018.

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    I talked to tck13 and they got indeed the information from an old leaks, He didnt had access to the MM Spigot so he didnt did that, The hackers logged in in his GitHub and edited and pushed the sourcecode and it was uploaded to the server, (automaticly) with a backdoor, The owner (sam) was not happy with his company because he didnt earned too much money (less then 1K in this year) that was his message. He removed tck13 from discord and everyone, tck13 didnt had access to the spigot, or webserver so he didnt can't be the hacker (or via his account) the spigot account was hacked too but without the info from tck13.

    Btw, I know the dev and he said one thing about the source, The source uses API's on servers, If they are offline (such as now) the source is completly useless, because the database is missing you can't use the source to create a new system because all API's and Databases are missing, the file that just released (pinned) was the selfhosted version that not was public and its still useless because MM if gone. and you need MM for that.
    The whole website is based on Djengo and Python and its calling API's from the server. Completing useless.

    The owner (sam) wiped almost all his data to be uknown again. but he failed and the WHOIS is still his actual information.
    The company isn't registrered at the english registar for company's but his old business is, GENETIC HOST LIMITED, but it failed and its not online anymore.

    His reaction on "The hack" isn't very impressed, he said "Shit happens" so if you leak 40K useraccounts with password and everything, just say "Shit happens"
    And if the XtrGroup was a big hacking group, then if you google it, you cant found anything (except) the MinecraftMarket topics (that are closed by SpigotMC?)
    Everything is removed, Discord, Discord Server, Spigot, Twitter, Github and the website. but wait, they are not removed, they are inactive! if you do password recovery at Twitter and you type "_MCMarket" you still see his profile picture and name.
    That means its inactive (or hidden).
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  2. I don't think he made the hack possible, but it has been good to him. I think he was waiting for something like the hack to leave this proyect.
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  3. Yeah, agree. He was waiting for the right moment to abandon it all. None the less, the way he handled the entire situation is utterly disrespectful for every even remotely loyal customer he had. None the less, a massive data breach is still a massive data breach; it should be reported and he should be taking proper actions. You can't just be like "oh lul k thats it then, bye".
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  4. This was a good community, I am a fairly new member (to MCMarket) and all of this is completely new to me. I did not know that such a thing was going to happen (let alone by one of the inside). I'm pretty sure after a huge incident like this they won't be back anytime soon...

    R.I.P MCMarket never (got to ) make any good memories with you..
  5. I keep being amazed to see how many people make this mistake...

    MinecraftMarket is NOT MC-Market.

    MinecraftMarket is the shitty Buycraft alternative that is now dead. MC-Market is the marketing forums for Minecraft related stuff. They are completely unrelated to each other (though I gotta be honest, the names don't help with this confusion).
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  6. I don't suppose anyone knows of a way to hook ranks up to Buycraft?
    Now that MinecraftMarket is gone, any of my users who wish to upgrade their in-game ranks or purchase a VIP dependent package- have to use a custom donation and wait for me (as the store doesn't have a record of their old (required) transactions)
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  7. You can manually add the transactions in Buycraft if you have a backup of it.
  8. Yeah, that's the sucker punch- I never take backups of transactions (mainly because of GDPR worries).
    Hey ho, I'll just take it on the chin and do things the old-fashioned way. Takes me back to 1.1.
  9. Get your permissions list and go through all the users with ranks
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  10. Problem is, for some people like me, my server recently resetted and ranks/perks has still not all been given out. Thats a huge problem for me since MM didnt send an email to anyone for this. . .
  11. oh... I'm an idiot.... ima go kms 1 sec...
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  12. And then what, manually make a store payment for each one?
    I'll opt for manual transactions where required.
  13. I got banned a while back on their discord for complaining about their massive downtime ;p
  14. Yeah, a few months ago after R4GE B4BY quit, i was making a few jokes how nothing was going to get done now that it was just sam(buckingham..). The next time i logged on discord, i was banned.
  15. Yeah, that was nearly my fate too. I simply asked why some changes that were resulting in downtime (such as when SSL was suddenly enforced) weren't being done on a test machine first before being deployed to live. I got beaten around the bush with a plethora of excuses and my words were twisted so that he could berate me.

    I'm surprised that didn't happen to me, then. As I did pretty much the same thing, only mine weren't jokes.
    I kept telling him to check all the negative feedback and bug reports- or at least reassure users that he is taking note of them.
  16. I've never really had much experience with Minecraft Market, I like the fact they don't try to suck every last penny out of you, but I guess you get what you pay for, hence why I've always went with BuyCraft.

    I'd MAYBE change to CubedPay if they'd lower their percentages (and once their out of beta) but if you make anywhere over $1,000 a month (And lets be honest, if you're only making that much, BuyCraft is pretty cheap) it's more expensive than BuyCraft due to their extortionate %.
  17. Never heard of R4GE B4BY was he an admin or smth?
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  18. =))))) ce faci nenea :D iti zic o vorba o faci tu cu manuta tema ;)
  19. Are you kidding me. I just paid them 2 months ago for the forever plan and now I don't get my money back. Wow.
  20. You can still chargeback on the bright side. :p
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