The end of MinecraftMarket.

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by BrettPlayMC, Jun 22, 2018.

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  1. How do I do that?
  2. I think through paypal, but it's better to search how to.
  3. wtf
  4. go to the paypal tx and open a dispute, right after elevate it to paypal.
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  5. this is 110% english
  6. Everything to do with buck and MCM has vanished .. Twitter.. Everything.. Surely this isn't ok??
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  7. Yes, things are not "ok".

    This is exactly why this thread exists :p
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  8. Someone I know has the full source of MCM but its tied to the twitter handler so he can't really relaucnh it without the twitter handle so he cant do anything.
  9. Could you tell me who it is and see if they can send it to me? I find it hard to believe that they have it and/or it is tied to a twitter.
  10. I'm kinda mad ish because I needed all the prices I used and stuff.. But now I have to re make it
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  11. That's disgusting. If he didn't want to continue maintaining it, he could've handed it over to someone else, sell the rights to the software (even if it was a shitty one), or just do a proper shutdown.

    Dick move.
  12. If only spigot had their own donate store lol at least we could trust them
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  13. Where would you need to go to report them?
  14. Does anyone have the MinecraftMarket's discord invite link still?
  15. The discord server is deleted
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  16. Everybody is mad on sam.
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  17. I think that's an understatement at this point. The way he handled the entire situation, which may or may not have been on purpose, is just ridiculous. Even if he didn't do it on purpose, he saw this as the perfect opportunity to quickly dump his half failing project. Let's be honest, from the start MinecraftMarket has been absolute trash from the dozens of reviews I've seen; terrible uptime, bugs everywhere, terrible/childish behaviour of (at least some) of the staff, not being a registered company, etc.

    I'm honestly more surprised to see they survived this long. It surprises me more than the fact that it was hacked and is now dead. I honestly expected that to happen, seeing how the developers can't even put a stable product on the table, it's only natural they know jackshit about security. I'm not really sure why some people trusted these guys to begin with. Seriously, just go with Buycraft, when you look at what Buycraft does for you and the quality they do it with, you start to realize how cheap it actually is. People who can't afford Buycraft or think it's too expensive are either just cheap/broke or have no clue how expensive real software can be.
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  18. Conspiracy theory time

    Buycraft hacked MinecraftMarket because it was "getting too big", bribed Sam a couple thousand bucks to shutup about it and keep it dead, and is now receiving thousands more in revenue because of it...

    (Note, hey, someone has to take the piss out of it sometime, LOL. It's a stupid situation.)
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  19. or.... sam just took the money and idk ran away? xd
  20. Smh conspiracy theory memes should stay conspiracy theory memes.
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