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  1. PROBLEM>>
    One day I had a problem. One day I decided to delete the message from & e% player% joined
    % player% has left.But a damn plugin put me something that is disgusting to see. Every time I log in to my test server appears [& 8 | (x5)].I need to know people who know or have the same problem that will solve it to tell me if I should use a command or a plugin to fix this annoying error.

    I TRIED>>

    Delete the essentials folder, delete the autme plugin.And nothing got success.

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    We need your list of plugins
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    I don't really see any plugin that does that, you could download plugman and do /plugman lookup login
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  4. Ok i can try it
  5. [Plugman] Command /login not registered in any plugin.yml
  6. I can dowload again the essentials but i dont believe if can work.I think I could modify some of my essentials it would be a matter of removing them
  7. Try removing CustomJoinQuitMessage?
  8. I do not think the problem is that.
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    The only other idea i have is remove each plugin one by one until the message goes away
  10. Before doing that. You do not know any command. I should not be the only one with the same problem or should I?
  11. How did you say that I did what I just did? I do not know what's happening but I can not eliminate that, it seems I'll have to endure it eternally.
    Can you provide me with an EsentialsX 2.0.1 b-496 that is my current version of Essentials.A see if this way I can solve this nightmare.
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    I program all of my stuff my self so i personally wouldn't run into this issue
  13. Please, I think I'll ever edit something I should not.
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  15. Try removing it anyways. You can just put it back if it doesn't fix your issue. Essentials isn't your problem.
  17. Who knows one command for reset or delete this problem?
  18. ?? I have no idea what you're on about. Not all issues can be solved with a single command. If you're not willing to try things to fix it, what's the point? Anyways, apparently you should be able to see what the join message and quit message for that plugin is with "/cjqm join" and "/cjqm quit"
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