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  1. Although I still have a lot to learn, I am going to be taking a journey towards becoming an NMS master, and help you to as well! Hopefully I don't just leave this project and actually work on it, since I have nothing else to do and I want to share what I know. I am currently working on a PDF/book/word document that has in-depth tutorials on NMS/OBC. I'm just going to be starting off with basic packets for the beginning and work through. Hopefully you like reading ;)

    If I have made a mistake, please point it out. And I haven't looked at what version NMS changes are yet, so I will need to compile a few jars to check. But for now, I have a non-real example of NMS version changes.

    We now switched to Github Markdown! Please star the project if you have an account and you like it. Pull Requests are accepted!


    Help with editing: @bsn_nick

    If you like Hypixel

    Some people are just so nice!
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  2. Thanks <3
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  3. You should put it on a google docs, so we dont need to rre-download it every update
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  4. Didn't think about that xD
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  5. Changed to google docs and added a some information on the player connection and player handle

    You can now comment!
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  6. Some people are just so nice!
    If the guide sucks and I suck so much, why don't whoever wrote this come forth and say who you are, then we can determine who sucks.
  7. New poll added! Vote Now! Vote for the new president!
  8. Currently working on the obfuscated methods inside of EntityPlayer. Will get back to everyone once it is done. And now that we are suing google docs, you can see updates LIVE!
  9. PangeaCake I see you do not like the project, why is that? Hope I'm not putting any pressure on you, I just want to know why. :3
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  10. Should make a section on basic reflection. As to have new developers knowing how to make version independant code
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  11. And show how to make version dependent code using interfaces :) there's already a guide around here that you can link on your guide, but i just can't find it. it's a very clean alternative when reflection is not necessarily needed.

    Found it.
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  12. I haven't seen version independant code using interfaces, do you have a link to that guide?
  13. Found it.

    many plugins use it. one example is EchoPets.
  14. Thanks for all your suggestions and excitement in this project guys, I will add these new things in a few hours since I need to go for now. If you have time, go ahead and add it yourself and I'll accept it, but I'm not asking you too! I will give credit for anything added by people, for example @bsn_nick did heaps of edits for me and I appreciate it!
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  15. Maybe I should, thanks for the great idea!
  16. I'd prefer OneDrive/Office Online because Google Docs is horrendously slow/resource intensive, and/or GitHub markdown. Especially with latter, people can contribute to the guide instead of mere suggestions.
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  17. Gotta love keyboard cowboys... :rolleyes:
  18. +1 for github
  19. I might change to github