Bug The JIRA Instance Will Not Accept BuildTools Versions When Creating Issues For BuildTools

Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by john01dav, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. The title says it all.
  2. I brought this up (worded differently of course) and was told, categorically, that my "issues are most likely not related to the server itself but rather related to your configuration or a plugin you are running".

    @cindy_k also resolved my "bug" because apparently BuildTools needs a minecraft version when you're submitting a bug about BuildTools itself and has no bearing on the server...

    -- In before some staff says it's not a bug, because requiring the version of minecraft you use to submit a bug regarding a completely different piece of software is obviously required.
  3. The issue I made doesn't need the Minecraft version. The BuildTools version would be far more helpful.